Skidompha Stories

We serve an incredible community of people—patrons, volunteers, staff, donors, and board members. We all have interesting stories to tell—about what Skidompha means to us, about the subjects that have us searching the shelves and about the books and stories that compel us to keep reading and learning. 

Our staff are curious, engaged, and quirky! We are just as likely to be standing on the other side of the desk as patrons, checking out books on our days off, as we are to fill our roles on staff. 

We want to start to capture some of the stories of the Skidompha community here. Check back every so often to find a new one!


There’s so much going on in the kids and teen programming at the library! There are new STEM, Literacy, and Diversity kits for kids and families to borrow from the children’s room. Teen Services is excited to share news about some upcoming virtual classes in April.

Teen Services:

Virtual Cooking and Jewelry Making Classes

Want to learn how to cook a delicious dessert from the Head Chef at Lincoln Academy, or design and make a beautiful leather and bead bracelet with Aboca Beads? Skidompha Public Library, in Damariscotta, is excited to announce two upcoming virtual classes for teens, made possible by generous funding from the Anonimo Foundation.


Virtual Cooking Class—April 19, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. Skidompha will host a virtual cooking class with local Chef Mikael Andersson. Andersson left Sweden in his early twenties, has worked in eateries all over the world, and is now the Head Chef at Lincoln Academy. He will lead the teens in making delicious crepes with homemade whipped cream and blueberry quick jam. 


This class has 10 spots for teens ages 12-19. Please sign up in advance by emailing Sophie at, calling 563.5513, or stopping in the library.


Skidompha will provide all of the ingredients to make the crepes as well as a cookbook, a set of measuring spoons, measuring cups, 2 metal bowls, 2 whisks, and 1 wooden spatula. These items can be picked up at the library 1-2 days ahead of the class. Participants will just need to have a 2-quart pot with a thick bottom on hand.


Virtual Jewelry Making Class—April 20, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Skidompha will host a virtual jewelry making class with Aboca Beads in Damariscotta. Participants can pick up a bracelet kit at Skidompha the week before class. This kit will include everything needed to complete a leather and bead bracelet and a how-to jewelry making book. During the virtual class, Aboca Beads will walk teens through all of the steps to make the bracelet. 


This class has 7 spots for teens ages 12 – 19. Please sign up in advance by emailing Sophie at, calling 563.5513, or stopping in the library.

Kids Collection:


Each early literacy kit includes 3-5 early reader books, a set of Bob (Learn to Read) books, a workbook to practice writing, pen control, tracing, and an audio CD. There are 4 literacy kit levels to choose from: the first level begins with basic word and sound recognition, and the final kit level includes early chapter books.. Each kit also includes  early literacy tips for parents to encourage continued literacy education as a part of everyday life.


Music is one of the best ways to increase literacy—music helps kids learn words by slowing them down and making them easier to remember. Emily Arrow, a well-loved acoustic musician, has created three albums around popular picture books. Skidompha now has a kit for each album. Each kit includes the CD and all the books associated with that album. 


There are many books that amplify Black voices for middle grade readers (grades 4 – 8) and loads of picture books for younger readers. Skidompha was looking for resources for newly independent and younger middle grade readers, the 1st to 3rd graders. To build these kits, they  focused their efforts on books written by Black authors and books that lift up Black voices and characters. These kits include 4 books in a mix of fiction and nonfiction. There are some biographies, some early chapter books, and some general nonfiction books. The kits also include a list of resources for adults who need support to begin or continue to have conversations with children about race and racism. Additionally, parenting books that address racism and help adults navigate discussions about racism with children are being added to the library collection.


Skidompha has three Nature Explorer Backpack kits from the Maine Audubon Society: birds, wildlife, and plants. Check out a backpack and a world of wildlife will open up for you and your family. Each pack has a custom-made user’s guide that walks you through each item in the backpack and provides activities, games, book lists, and more. You’ll find tips for families on how to enjoy nature, nature journal templates, simple craft ideas, and even ways to use your smartphone to connect with wildlife. Your outdoor time can now become a science-based experience that fosters environmental literacy. 


MaKey Makey is an invention kit for people of all ages. With MaKey Makey, you can turn everyday objects into computer keys, touchpads, and more. The inventors of MaKey MaKey suggest starting with a simple banana piano—yes, real bananas. Combine the simple keystrokes with coding and the internet, and young inventors will be well on their way to creating something unique. There are myriad possibilities with MaKey Makey. Check one out from Skidompha, and see what inspires your creativity. 

This collection of kits is still growing. Please stop into the library to see what’s new!