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Owl Radio
Skidompha Library is known for charting new territory in services for our community. Among our newest and most exciting is Owl Radio, which offers an entirely new kind of service for readers--and listeners. Owl Radio offers three resources:

Owl Podcasts
Podcasts are digital audio files made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, and are often available as a series. By using the voice talents of Skidompha staff members and friends, we're recoding our own podcasts. Skidompha's podcasts are available 24/7 anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They feature a rich variety of material, from children's book classics, to Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Oldies programs produced by local professional DJs, commentary and humor, and more. 

Click here for our podcasts on our PodOmatic page  or  visit the iTunes Store (our content is free!)

We'll let you know when new recordings become available for listening in Skidompha's Happenings newsletter and on our Owl Radio Facebook page.

Have a particular children's book you'd like us to record--or one you'd like to record (it's really easy)? Let us know by sending arequest to

Owl on Facebook 
In addition to Skidompha's home page on Facebook, Owl Radio has its own Facebook page, featuring announcements whenever a new podcast is published, posts about local musical, art, and theater happenings, literary quotes, book news, and commentary.

Streaming Audio
Skidompha's Owl Radio streaming content is our very own internet broadcast radio channel. We welcome you to tune in to our digital musical library of music. Our overnight stream tends to be quieter, with emphasis on Classical, Choral, and New Age selections. Our daytime selections include more Rock, Pop, Jazz, Big Band, Folk, and Classical music. As we grow, we'll feature more themed and special live programming throughout the day. We're also looking into streaming to another third-party online streaming service, so stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, tune in and let us know what you think. 

Click here for the Owl Radio streaming broadcast 
Click on this link and your computer will automatically download a tiny file named "Broadwave." Click on the file to open it within your computer's media player.

Owl Radio's Streaming Channel Program Schedule
Program Description Time Slot
SlumberLand  An eclectic mix of down-tempo Classical, Pop, Adult Contemporary, and quiet Rock curated for late-night listening. Midnight to 6 AM Daily
Dawn Chorus Gentle New Age, World, Adult Contemporary, and Classical music blended for morning meditation, reading, and gentle exercise.
6 to 8 AM Daily
Breakfast Club Mixes of our latest music additions, where you're liable to hear anything from Gospel, Classic Rock, Adult Contemporary, to Folk, World, Showtunes, and Classical/Light Classical.
8 to 10 AM Daily ex. Sat.
Morning Classics A three-hour set featuring the world's greatest Classical and Light Classical composers and performers.
10 AM to Noon Daily
Rock, Pop, Bebop Jam A lively mix of Rock, Adult Contempoary, Pop, and Jazz to energize your midday activities.
Noon to 2 PM Daily
Afternoon Delight More fine Classical and Light Classical music. 2 PM to 6 PM Daily
Big Band Swing Jam A one-hour set of lively Big Band, Swing, Jazz, and Pop from yesteryear to today. 6 PM to 7 PM Mon. to Fri.
Lava Lounge A funky mix of Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Golden Oldies, Jazz, and some Pop, curated for early evening family activities. 7 PM to 10 PM Daily
Evening Classics Wind down the day with more of the world's finest Classica and Light Classical music with this three-hour set. 10 PM to Midnight Daily Ex. Sat.
Saturday Night Blues Jam This three-hour set features Blues legends such as Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Witherspoon, Branford AND Wynton Marsalis, John Lee Hooker, and many more. 10 PM - Midnight Sat.