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Genealogy: Find Your Roots
Genealogy Department News, Consultation Information, and Events
New to genealogy or the genealogy groups at Skidompha Library?  Check here for news and special announcements. If you prefer, contact Kathleen Maclachlan at to be added to the genealogy group list and/or the German genealogy group list for special announcements.

What We Offer Library invites all those interested in local history, family history, and genealogy to explore The Skidompha History And Genealogy Center located upstairs at the library.  The collection is strongest on Lincoln County, Maine material, but also includes material from other areas of Maine, New England, US, Canada, and other countries. Although Genealogy Center reference materials, books, scrapbooks, and other documents do not circulate, there is a copy machine close at hand for copying pages. Many up-to-date genealogy how-to books and resource books [those with call numbers 929.26] do circulate and we urge patrons to make use of these fine guides.

Our staff genealogy specialist Kathy Maclachlan is here Thursday afternoons from 1-5 p.m. to assist visitors in researching local history and local family history as well as to help folks use the free (world version) subscription on library computers, suggest strategies for genealogy research in the US and beyond, and increase awareness of the many fine institutions in Maine and beyond who have collections which augment those at the library.  Mrs. Maclachlan is also available to meet with patrons for one-on-one 45-minute consultations at 11:15 and 12:15 on non-club meeting days.
The Skidompha History and Genealogy center is open year round during library hours and is an information center where visitors can access up-to-date events happening at local historical societies, genealogy groups, historic buildings, and museums.
All Skidompha library computers can be used to access our library version subscription. 
The Skidompha Genealogy Club meets monthly for presentations, hands-on sessions, discussion and mutual support.  All are welcome; contact the library to be placed on the genealogy email list.  Meetings are generally the last Thursday of each month.  See the Skidompha programs & events calendar for upcoming dates.

History & Genealogy Center resources include:

Cemetery Records: 
  • Alna, Bremen, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Bristol, Damariscotta, Damariscotta Mills, Dresden, Edgecomb, Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Somerville, South Bristol, Southport, Waldoboro, Westport, Wiscasset, Whitefield plus some Maine Cemeteries NOT in Lincoln County.
Local Ships and Shipbuilding: 
  • "Planters of the Commonwealth", by C.E.Banks, includes list of passengers, ships and the places they settled in Boston and the Bay Colonies; "Shipping days of old Boothbay", by George Rice; " Oyster shells and sailing ships", by Mark Biscoe; List of Lincoln County ship building, 1964-1994, by Boutilier Photos; "Mary and John 1630", Volumes 14 & 17; P R Hazeltine 1875-1882; a booklet;
  • A list of ships built in Newcastle, Nobleboro, Damariscotta and Bristol, by Lowell Sidelinger, Deputy Collector of Customs.
  • Damariscotta Main Street 1797
  • Damariscotta 1857 [with Newcastle]
  • Damariscotta’s Bethlehem Cemetery 2014
  • Damariscotta’s Hillside Cemetery – Norris Yard & Old Hodgdon Yard 2014
  • Boothbay Quad 1944 Topographic
  • Bristol 1815 [also includes present day Bremen & South Bristol]
  • Jefferson 1815
  • Newcastle 1816
  • Newcastle 1858 [with Damariscotta]
  • Nobleboro 1815 [includes portion of Damariscotta]
  • Nobleboro 1857
  • Round Pond 1815 [from Bristol map]
  • Lincoln County Roads
  • Lincoln County Sportsman’s Map 1952
  • Maine Bodies of Water 1922
  • Maine Towns & Topography 1929
  • Medieval England
  • Nautical Charts – Boothbay Hbr to Bath
  • Nautical Chart – Damariscotta & Medomak Rivers
  • Nautical Chart – Monhegan  to Cape Elizabeth
  • Nautical Chart – Quoddy Roads to Petit Manan Island
  • Downeast Ancestry (Vol 1-Vol 5) with Index, Second Boat (1980- to 1990) with Index, The Dinghy (19- to 19-) with Index, The Vine (2000-2003) with Index, The Mayflower Quarterly (1984 -2004) with index, Forebears (1994-1998), The Great Migration (1990-1999) with Index, Your Yankee Heritage (1979-1981) with index, Heritage Quest (#1-#30) with index, New England History Genealogical Register (Vol 130-Vol 158) with index books.
  • newspaper clipping scrapbooks, late 1800's and early 1900's, some of which have been indexed.
Vertical File Boxes: 
  • This section is constantly expanding.  Contains subject files for all of Lincoln County's towns including Monhegan Island, as well as: alewives, artists, authors, bridges, brickyards, courthouses, doctors, disasters, forts, historical societies, hospitals, ice works, lighthouses, maps, railroads, Revolutionary War, schools, shell heaps, ships, shipbuilders, telephone companies, Thompson Ice House, Underground Railroad, Wawenock Country Club, witch trials, woodcarvers, WWI, WWII, and worms.
  • Vital records of the some towns in Lincoln County; 
  • Maine 1790 Census;
  • Town Histories
  • Town Annual Reports
  • Family histories & genealogies (257); 
  • Revolutionary & Civil War military records. 
  • Harold Castner's notebooks on local towns and its people histories; plus George Dow's notebooks on the history of Nobleboro and its people.
  • Arlene Cole’s notebooks and published books on Newcastle history, plus the Dodge notebooks containing hundreds of weekly articles published on Damariscotta history
Digitized materials are available HERE. Please read this introductory page and the "help” tab for information about using our search engine.  Then click on the "home” tab to reach the search page.  

In 2003 the Genealogy and History room was designated the Lincoln County Genealogy & History Center. We're deeply grateful to many people, but especially to Carolyn Kelsey and Joyce Brown for their outstanding efforts in organizing the resources of the Genealogy & History Center
All Genealogy Center materials [with the exception of 929.26 books] are restricted to library use only. The Genealogy & History Section is located on the second floor and is handicap-accessible via elevator.  Free WiFi is available in this section as well as one library computer, a printer, and a photocopier.  See Mrs. Maclachlan or another librarian for the genealogy computer password.  

All Skidompha library computers can be used to access our library version subscription.