Monthly Archives: September 2017

Get Caught Reading a Banned Book!

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read and express controversial ideas. Why read banned books? By reading a banned book, you are exercising your first amendment rights, and exploring themes or topics that were at one time – or are now – controversial. Can you imagine a library without these books? “The Adventures of… Read more »

Read-Aloud Book Club Begins at Skidompha Library!

Wednesdays at 12pm, Library Atrium A.K.A the You Bring It, I’ll Read it Club. Please join this group of readers interested in the art of the spoken word as we dive into the rhythmic texture and fabric of verse, from pre-classic to post-apocalyptic works. Bring a work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or song to share… Read more »

Special Event: Mr. Drew and His Animals Too!

Saturday, September 30th at 10 am Join us as we celebrate a new season of Storytimes here at Skidompha! Our special guest will be Mr. Drew, an animal rehabilitation specialist who helps exotic animals in need.  Mr. Drew will bring a variety of species to the library, from birds and insects to reptiles and amphibians,… Read more »