Monthly Archives: March 2023

03.23.23 Physty the Whale

Dear Friends, The library is already making arrangements for Summer Read, and I believe the words, “Can you believe we are almost halfway through with March?” have been spoken at some point during that planning. For me, time always seems to move a little faster during spring. Maybe because of the anticipation of summer, Skidompha’s… Read more »

03.16.23 Carey Art Gallery

Dear Friends, It is important to me that Skidompha be a place that inspires interest, curiosity and wonder. That it be filled with items that engage and prompt people to stop and look, and engage. Our books–Skidompha’s foundation–tick all those boxes, but other modalities exist: beautiful and unique plants, clever book displays, Migaloo and the… Read more »

03.09.23 Time for Spring

Dear Friends, I love days like today—breezy without a cloud in the sky. The sunlight reflecting off the snow brings even more light, both outside and in. It reminds me that both the official arrival of spring, March 20, and Daylight Savings Time, March 12, are near. I can’t say I enjoy losing an hour… Read more »

03.02.23 New Library Programs

Dear Friends, The recent snow brought me the mid-winter blahs. Yes, I know it’s February in Maine, but I could use a shot or two of Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea! I’m back at work, though, and I’m feeling energized by the thrum of creativity in the library. It’s fun to notice the movement of… Read more »