Monthly Archives: May 2023

5.25.2023 Memorial Day

Dear Friends Memorial Day is already almost here! I have no celebratory plans, and instead look forward to a relaxing day of brunch, a long walk, and an enjoyable yet futile attempt to catch up on some reading. Amidst my rest and the celebrations I will remind myself of the solemnity of this holiday. First… Read more »

5.18.2023 All Together Now

Hello friends, As the days get warmer and the birds really ramp up their singing, you’ll find the library staff likewise stirring and planning and preparing for the annual summer reading program. This year’s theme is All Together Now, and we’re excited to celebrate this theme of kindness, compassion, and community with our community. We have many… Read more »

5.11.2023 Changes in Youth Services

Hello friends, It’s Jessie from Youth Services here. When I started volunteering at Skidompha in 2014, I did it as a way to give back to and to get involved in our community. When I began working here shortly thereafter, I never anticipated what a joy it would be and what an outstanding group of people… Read more »

5.04.2023 In Between

Hello friends, Well, that weekend storm was quite a thing. My apologies to those who went without power, but I love storms, particularly thunderstorms. While not technically an April shower setting up May flowers, perhaps we can quantify it as such anyway. What’s a day between us and Mother Nature? April-May is unique for me…. Read more »