New Additions to Our Collection

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February 2023 | New Additions to Our Adult Collection

These are some of the titles we’ve recently added to our shelves:


The Passenger, Cormac Mc Carthy
The Passenger is the story of a salvage diver, haunted by loss, afraid of the watery deep, pursued for a conspiracy beyond his understanding, and longing for a death he cannot reconcile with God.

If I Survive You, Jonathan Escoffery
Pulsing with vibrant lyricism and inimitable style, sly commentary and contagious laughter, Escoffery’s debut unravels what it means to be in between homes and cultures in a world at the mercy of capitalism and whiteness.

The Couple at the Table, Sophie Hannah
Jane and William are enjoying their honeymoon at an exclusive couples-only resort……until Jane receives a chilling note warning her to “Beware of the couple at the table nearest to yours.” At dinner that night, five other couples are present, and none of their tables is any nearer or farther away than any of the others. It’s almost as if someone has set the scene in order to make the warning note meaningless—but why would anyone do that?

The Personal Assistant, Kimberly Belle
A deeply addictive thriller exploring the dark side of the digital world when a mommy-blogger’s assistant goes missing.  Written in alternating perspectives between Alex, her husband, and the mysterious AC, this juicy cat and mouse story will keep you guessing till the very end.

Now is Not the Time to Panic, Kevin Wilson
An exuberant, bighearted novel about two teenage misfits who spectacularly collide one fateful summer, and the art they make that changes their lives forever.

Signal Fires, Dani Shapiro
Spanning fifty kaleidoscopic years, on a street—and in a galaxy—where stars collapse and stories collide, these two families become bound in ways they never could have imagined.

The Prisoner, B. A. Paris
Amelie wakes up in a pitch-black room, not knowing where she is. Why has she been taken? Who are her mysterious captors? And why does she soon feel safer here, imprisoned, than she had begun to feel with her husband Ned?

The Red Lotus, Chris Bohjalian
An American man vanishes on a rural road in Vietnam, and his girlfriend follows a path that leads her home to the very hospital where they met.

Land of Cockaigne, Jeffrey Lewis
Written as a parable of contemporary American society, Land of Cockaigne is by turns furious, funny, subversive, tragic, and horrifying. Faced with the question of what to do amid disastrous times, Walter Rath offers a clue: Love is an action, not a feeling. Once you go down this path of faith, there is much to be done.

A Minor Chorus, Billy-Ray Belcourt
In the stark expanse of Northern Alberta, a queer Indigenous doctoral student steps away from his dissertation to write a novel, informed by a series of poignant encounters: a heart-to-heart with fellow doctoral student River over the mounting pressure placed on marginalized scholars; a meeting with Michael, a closeted man from his hometown whose vulnerability and loneliness punctuate the realities of queer life on the fringe.

Legends and Lattes, Travis Baldrie
After a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword for the last time. The true rewards of the uncharted path are the travelers you meet along the way. And whether drawn together by ancient magic, flaky pastry, or a freshly brewed cup, they may become partners, family, and something deeper than she ever could have dreamed.. .

How High We Go in the Dark, Sequoia Nagamatsu
A spellbinding and profoundly prescient debut that follows a cast of intricately linked characters over hundreds of years as humanity struggles to rebuild itself in the aftermath of a climate plague—a daring and deeply heartfelt work of mind-bending imagination from a singular new voice. Sequoia Nagamatsu takes readers on a wildly original and compassionate journey, spanning continents, centuries, and even celestial bodies to tell a story about the resilience of the human spirit, our infinite capacity to dream, and the connective threads that tie us all together in the universe.

The Circle of Ceridwen, Book 1,Octavia Randolph, Mara Rosellio
It is the year 871. Of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, five have fallen to the invading Vikings. No trait is more valued than loyalty, and no possession more precious than one’s steel. Across this war-torn landscape travels fifteen -year old Ceridwen, now thrust into the lives of the conquerors.

Beheld, Tara Shea Nesbit
Tara Shea Nesbit reframes the story of the pilgrims in the previously unheard voices of two women of very different status and means. She evokes a vivid, ominous Plymouth, populated by famous and unknown characters alike, each with conflicting desires and questionable behavior. Suspenseful and beautifully wrought, Beheld ,is about a murder and a trial, and the motivations–personal and political–that cause people to act in unsavory ways.

The Cove, Ron Rash
The Cove is a novel that brilliantly explores often dangerous notions of patriotism during wartime. This story of a love affair doomed in the rising turmoil of WWI resonates powerfully in today’s world.

Shadow of Night, Deborah Harkness
Picking up from A Discovery of Witches‘ cliff-hanger ending, Shadow of Night takes reluctant witch Diana Bishop and vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont on a trip through time to Elizabethan London, where they are plunged into a world of spies, magic, and a coterie of Matthew’s old friends, the School of Night.

We all Want Impossible Things, Catherine Newman
A riotously funny and fiercely loyal love letter to female friendship. The story of Edi and Ash proves that a best friend is a gift from the gods. Newman turns her prodigious talents toward finding joy even in the friendship’s final day

Northern Heist, Richard O’Rawe
Richard O’Rawe — a former IRA bank robber himself – unleashes a story that will shock, surprise and thrill as he takes you on a white-knuckle ride through Belfast’s criminal underbelly. Enter the deadly world of tiger kidnappings, kangaroo courts, money laundering, drug deals and double-crosses.

Unnatural History, Jonathan Kellerman
Los Angeles is a city of stark contrast, the palaces of the affluent coexisting uneasily with the hellholes of the mad and the needy. That shadow world and the violence it breeds draw brilliant psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis into an unsettling case of altruism gone wrong.

In the House in the Dark of the Woods, Laird Hunt
A novel of psychological horror and suspense told in Laird Hunt’s characteristically lyrical prose style. It is the story of a bewitching, a betrayal, a master huntress and her quarry. It is a story of anger, of evil, of hatred and of redemption. It is the story of a haunting, a story that makes up the bedrock of American mythology, told in a vivid way you will never forget.


Going Rogue, (Book 29) Janet Evanovich
Stephanie Plum knows that something is amiss when she turns up for work at Vinnie’s Bail Bonds to find that longtime office manager Connie Rosolli, who is as reliable as the tides in Atlantic City, hasn’t shown up. Stephanie’s worst fears are confirmed when she gets a call from Connie’s abductor. He says he will only release her in exchange for a mysterious coin that a recently murdered man left as collateral for his bail.

The Cloisters, Katy Hays
What begins as academic curiosity quickly turns into obsession when Ann discovers a hidden 15th-century deck of tarot cards that might hold the key to predicting the future. When the dangerous game of power, seduction, and ambition at The Cloisters turns deadly, Ann becomes locked in a race for answers as the line between the arcane and the modern blurs.

The Holdout, Graham Moore
It’s an open-and-shut case for the prosecution, and a quick conviction seems all but guaranteed—until Maya Seale, a young woman on the jury, convinced of Nock’s innocence, persuades the rest of the jurors to return the verdict of not guilty, a controversial decision that will change all their lives forever.


Overcome the Challenges of Cancer Care, Stephen Rosenberg
When a diagnosis topples your life, you can identify those factors you can control in order to pursue the best care possible. This work shows you how.

American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy’s Forgotten Crisis, Adam Hochschild
Adam Hochschild brings alive the horrifying yet inspiring four years following the U.S. entry into the First World War, spotlighting forgotten repression while celebrating an unforgettable set of Americans who strove to fix their fractured country—and showing how their struggles still guide us today.

Death on Mount Washington, Randi Minetor
Death on Mount Washington describes the circumstances behind the tragic tales of those who have lost their lives on the mountain. No one–not even the most experienced mountaineer or pilot–is safe from the mountain’s mercurial weather conditions. Learn from the mistakes of others in the comfort and safety of your armchair and remember to respect Mount Washington on your next ski trip.

The New Science of Fighting Silent Heart Disease, Harold L Karpman, M.D.
This book tells you everything you need to know in the order to detect and treat this silent killer. Written by a celebrated cardiologist who has successfully treated thousands of patients in his career spanning 50 years, it offers practical advice for all readers and provides insight into a type of asymptomatic cardiac condition that affects almost half of all those afflicted with heart disease.

Financial Feminist, Tori Dunlap
Featuring journaling prompts, deep-dives into the invisible aspects of the financial landscape, and interviews with experts on everything money—from predatory credit card companies to the racial wealth gap and voting with your dollars—Financial Feminist is the ultimate guide to making your money work
harder for you (rather than the other way around.)

Starry Messenger, Neil deGrasse Tyson
With crystalline prose, Starry Messenger walks us through the scientific palette that sees and paints the world differently. From insights on resolving global conflict to reminders of how precious it is to be alive, Tyson reveals, with warmth and eloquence, an array of brilliant and beautiful truths that apply to us all, informed and enlightened by knowledge of our place in the universe.

Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West, Hampton Sides
At the center of this sweeping tale is Kit Carson, the trapper, scout, and soldier whose adventures made him a legend. Sides shows us how this illiterate mountain man understood and respected the Western tribes better than any other American, yet willingly followed orders that would ultimately devastate the Navajo nation.

Botticelli’s Secret: The Lost Drawings and the Rediscovery of the Renaissance, Joseph Lizzi
A combination of artistic detective story and rich intellectual history, Botticelli’s Secret shows not only how the Renaissance came to life, but also how Botticelli’s art helped bring it about―and, most important, why we need the Renaissance and all that it stands for today.

To End All Wars : A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, Adam Hochschild
Hochschild forces us to confront the big questions: Why did so many nations get so swept up in the violence? Why couldn’t cooler heads prevail? And can we ever avoid repeating history?

In Defense of Sanity: The Best Essays of G.K. Chesterton
G.K. Chesterton was a master essayist. But reading his essays is not just an exercise in studying a literary form at its finest, it is an encounter with timeless truths that jump off the page as fresh and powerful as the day they were written.

Through the Perilous Fight: Six Weeks That Saved the Nation, Steve Vogel
Like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, the burning of Washington was a devastating national tragedy that ultimately united America and renewed its sense of purpose. Through the Perilous Fight combines bravura storytelling with brilliantly rendered character sketches to recreate the thrilling six-week period when Americans rallied from the ashes to overcome their oldest adversary – and win themselves a new birth of freedom.

God, War, and Providence: The Epic Struggle of Roger Williams and the Narragansett Indians against the Puritans of New England, James A. Warren
James A. Warren transforms what could have been merely a Pilgrim version of cowboys and Indians into a sharp study of cultural contrast. He explores the remarkable and little-known story of the alliance between Roger Williams’s Rhode Island and the Narragansett Indians, and how they joined forces to retain their autonomy and their distinctive ways of life against Puritan encroachment and serves as a telling precedent for white-Native American encounters along the North American frontier for the next 250 years.

Ghosts on the Coast of Maine, Carol Schultz
A ghostly tour of Maine’s coast – twenty-five tales of hauntings and unexplained supernatural occurrences compiled by a woman whose family’s home in coastal Maine is home to more than one ghost. Her interest in psychic phenomena was sparked by a request from the NBC series In Search of… for an interview about her family’s haunted house. This is a different kind of tour, an intriguing, spine-
tingling tour full of witches, mysterious disappearances, and things that go bump in the night.

Knitting out of Africa, Marianne Isager
Beautiful and historic African carpets, baskets, and other textiles provide the design inspiration for these 16 sophisticated knitted cardigans, pullovers, and sweater vests. Intended for seasoned knitters, these projects use domino, double knitting, entrelac, intarsia, and stranded two-color techniques worked in fingering-weight yarns.

The Pattern Companion: Knitting, Teresa Boyer
Attractive sweaters for everyone in the family, and cozy afghans, too: these patterns are for knitters who know their craft and now seek beautiful projects, inspirations, and challenges. Relative newcomers will find some items suited to their skills; the more experienced will enjoy working with projects that have elaborate designs and stitch combinations.

Knitted Sweater Style, Jo Sharp
Well-known Australian knitwear designer Jo Sharp introduces her vibrant collection of 42 outstanding sweater designs in this, her first book of original patterns. Patterns for men, women, and children are inspired by examples from nature, cultures, and textiles from around the world.

45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit, Anna Zilboorg
Gathers designs and instructions for classic and innovative knitted hats and includes advice on materials, knitting techniques, and customizing designs

Folk Knitting in Estonia, Nancy Bush
Detailed instructions for 25 gloves, mittens, and socks plus charts for traditional lace and multicolored patterns are included. A brief history of Estonia itself and a section on the folk culture provide a background to the technical instructions.

Becoming Intuitive, Bk 2: The Purl Stitch, Sally Melville
This primer on the purl stitch uses clear, step-by-step photographs to guide beginner knitters through unique knitting projects. A natural progression of skills is taught, and each skill is punctuated by a knitting project, enabling new knitters to create an entire wardrobe featuring jackets, sweaters, hats, socks, and mitts.

Building the Skiff, Cabin Boy¨ A Step by Step Pictorial Guide, Clemens C.
Kuhlig, Ruth E. Kuhlig
Here in more than 200 photographs and drawings, is the story of how he built the Cabin Boy. Throughout the book, Kuhlig expresses his philosophy of boatbuilding . . .stressing the aesthetics of wooden boatbuilding. The book includes chapters on boatbuilding materials, tools, plans, actual construction, completing the interior, finishing the exterior as well as final touches.

The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing: Harnessing the Power of Gemstones to Enhance Health and Wellbeing, Simon and Sue Lilly
Alongside guidance on the most important crystals to use for specific illnesses and situations, whether it be insomnia, migraines, depression or the upheaval of moving house, crystal therapy experts Simon and Sue Lilly provide practical tips on how to use these precious stones to restore overall health and further spiritual development.

The Tea Lover’s Companion: The Ultimate Connoisseur’s Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying Tea, James Norwood Pratt
This book is the ultimate connoisseur’s guide to tea types, histories, legends, and lore, tea brands throughout the world, retail and mail-order tea companies, and more. Photos, many in color.

Black Food: Stories, Art of Recipes from Across the African Diaspora, Bryant Terry
As much a joyful celebration of Black culture as a cookbook, Black Food explores the interweaving of food, experience, and community through original poetry and essays. The recipes are similarly expansive and generous.

Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult, Bruce Handy
It’s a profound, eye-opening experience to re-encounter books that you once treasured decades ago. A clear-eyed love letter to the greatest children’s books and authors from Louisa May Alcott and L. Frank Baum to Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Mildred D. Taylor, and E.B. White, Wild Things is “a spirited, perceptive, and just outright funny account that will surely leave its readers with a new appreciation for childhood favorites”

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, Jack Weatherford
Vastly more progressive than his European or Asian counterparts, Genghis Khan abolished torture, granted universal religious freedom, and smashed feudal systems of aristocratic privilege. From the story of his rise through the tribal culture to the explosion of civilization that the Mongol Empire unleashed, this brilliant work of revisionist history is nothing less than the epic story of how the
modern world was made.

Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology, Eric H. Cline
Written by Eric Cline, an archaeologist with more than 30 seasons of excavation experience, Three Stones Make a Wall traces the history of archaeology from an amateur pursuit to the cutting-edge science it is today by taking the listener on a tour of major archaeological sites and discoveries, from Pompeii to Petra, Troy to the Terracotta Warriors, and Mycenae to Megiddo and Masada.

How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship and Community, Mia Birdsong
Mia Birdsong shows that what separates us isn’t only the ever-present injustices built around race, class, gender, values, and beliefs, but also our denial of our interdependence and need for belonging. In response to the fear and discomfort we feel, we’ve built walls, and instead of leaning on each other, we find ourselves leaning on concrete. We’ve forgotten the key element that helped us make progress in the first place: community.

How to Read a Nautical Chart, Nigel Calder
This much-awaited second edition addresses the changes in the world of electronic charting, integrated onboard navigation systems, as well as radar overlays and AIS and their interfacing with charts.

This will be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female and Feminist in White America, Morgan Jerkins
Doubly disenfranchised by race and gender, often deprived of a place within the mostly white mainstream feminist movement, black women are objectified, silenced, and marginalized with devastating consequences, in ways both obvious and subtle, that are rarely acknowledged in our country’s larger discussion about inequality. In This Will Be My Undoing, Jerkins becomes both narrator and subject
to expose the social, cultural, and historical story of black female oppression that influences the black community as well as the white, male-dominated world at large.

Dirt Road Revival: How to Rebuild Rural Politics and Why Our Future Depends on it, Chloe Maxmin and Canyon Woodward
The Democratic Party left rural America behind. This urgent rallying cry shows how Democrats can win back and empower overlooked communities that have been pushing politics to the right—and why
long-term progressive political power depends on it.

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures: A Definitive Course from Concept to Comic in 15 Lessons, Jessica Abel & Matt Madden
With chapters on lettering, story structure, and panel layout, the fifteen lessons offered – each complete with homework, extra credit activities and supplementary reading suggestions – provide a solid introduction for people interested in making their own comics.

Native American Archaeology in the Parks: A Guide to Heritage Sites in our National Parks and Monuments, Kenneth L. Feder
With 180 color photographs and complete visitor information, this is a wonderful guide to Native American archaeology in our national parks and monuments.

Strength in the Storm: Creating Calm in Difficult Times, Eknath Easwaran
We learn to calm the mind through practice – there’s no magic about it. We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can learn to access the courage, patience, and compassion that we need to ride the waves of life minute-by-minute, day-by-day.

Take Your Time: Finding Balance in a Hurried World, Eknath Easwaran
A renowned expert on meditation presents a sequel to his book, Your Life Is Your Message, that offers readers deep yet practical ways of slowing down their everyday pace without sacrificing productivity by focusing their energies.

And There was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle, Jon Meacham
Jon Meacham chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln, charting how—and why—he confronted secession, threats to democracy, and the tragedy of slavery to expand the possibilities of America.

ACE, What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex, Angela Chen
An engaging exploration of what it means to be asexual in a world that’s obsessed with sexual attraction, and what the ace perspective can teach all of us about desire and identity.

River of the Gods, Candice Millard
Candice Millard has written another peerless story of courage and adventure, set against the backdrop of the race to exploit Africa by the colonial powers.

Stolen Focus: Why you Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again, Johann Hari
We think our inability to focus is a personal failure to exert enough willpower over our devices. The truth is even more disturbing: Our focus has been stolen by powerful external forces that have left us uniquely vulnerable to corporations determined to raid our attention for profit. Hari found that there are 12 deep causes of this crisis, from the decline of mind-wandering to rising pollution, all of which have robbed some of our attention.

From the Forest: A Search for the Hidden Roots of our Fairy Tales, Sara Maitland
Maitland uses fairy tales to explore how nature itself informs our imagination, and she guides the reader on a series of walks through northern Europe’s best forests to explore both the ecological history of forests and the roots of fairy tales.


A Woman of No Importance: The Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win WWII, Sonia Purnell
Based on new and extensive research, Sonia Purnell has for the first time uncovered the full secret life of Virginia Hall–an astounding and inspiring story of heroism, spycraft, resistance, and personal triumph over shocking adversity. A Woman of No Importance is the breathtaking story of how one woman’s fierce persistence helped win the war.

Surrender, Bono
Bono—artist, activist, and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2—has written a memoir: honest and irreverent, intimate and profound.

The Wild Silence: A Memoir, Raynor Winn
The Wild Silence is a story of hope triumphing over despair, of lifelong love prevailing over everything. It is a luminous account of the human spirit’s connection to nature, and how vital it is for us all.

Large Print

Crossroads, Jonathan Franzen
A tour de force of interwoven perspectives and sustained suspense, its action largely unfolding on a single winter day, Crossroads is the story of a Midwestern family at a pivotal moment of moral crisis.

A World of Curiosities, Louise Penny
As the villagers prepare for a special celebration, Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir find themselves increasingly worried. A young man and woman have reappeared in the Sûreté du Québec investigators’ lives after many years. The two were young children when their troubled mother was murdered, leaving them damaged, shattered. Now they’ve arrived in the village of Three Pines.

The Thread Collectors, Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman
1863: In a small Creole cottage in New Orleans, an ingenious young Black woman named Stella embroiders intricate maps on repurposed cloth to help enslaved men flee and join the Union Army. Meanwhile, in New York City, a Jewish woman stitches a quilt for her husband, who is stationed in Louisiana with the Union Army. As these two women risk everything for love and freedom during the brutal Civil War, their paths converge in New Orleans, where an unexpected encounter leads them to discover that even the most delicate threads have the capacity to save us.

Short Stories

The Perfect Crime: 22 Crime Stories from Diverse Cultures Around the World, ed. Vaseem Khan, Maxim Zakubowski
From Lagos to Mexico City, Australia to the Caribbean, Toronto to Los Angeles, Darjeeling to rural New Zealand, London to New York–twenty-two bestselling crime writers from diverse cultures come together from across the world in a razor sharp and deliciously sinister collection of crime stories.


Dog Songs, Mary Oliver
Oliver’s poems begin in the small everyday moments familiar to all dog lovers, but through her extraordinary vision, these observations become higher meditations on the world and our place in it.

And Yet: Poems, Kate Baer
Kate’s second full-length book of traditional poetry, And Yet, dives deeper into the themes that are the hallmarks of her writing: motherhood, friendship, love, and loss.

Poetry Unbound: 50 Poems to Open Your World, Padraig O’ Tuama
For anyone who has wanted to try their hand at a conversation with poetry but doesn’t know where to start, Poetry Unbound presents a window through which to celebrate the art of being alive.


Bomb Shell, Hell’s Belles, Bk 1, Sarah MacLean
A blazingly sexy, unapologetically feminist new series, Hell’s Belles, beginning with a bold, bombshell of a heroine, able to dispose of a scoundrel – or seduce one – in a single night.

Graphic Novel

The Night Eaters, vol 1, She Eats the Night, Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
When Ipo forces the twins to help her clean up the house next door—a hellish and run-down ruin that was the scene of a grisly murder—the twins are in for a nasty surprise. A night of terror, gore, and supernatural mayhem reveals that there is much more to Ipo and her children than meets the eye.

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, Marjane Satrapi
Satrapi tells the coming-of-age story of her life in Tehran from ages six to fourteen, years that saw the overthrow of the Shah’s regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, and the devastating effects of war with Iraq.

Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, Marjane Satrapi
As funny and poignant as its predecessor, Persepolis 2 is another clear-eyed and searing condemnation of the human cost of fundamentalism. In its depiction of the struggles of growing up—here compounded by Marjane’s status as an outsider both abroad and at home—it is raw, honest, and incredibly illuminating.

American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang
The story of three apparently unrelated characters: Jin Wang, who moves to a new neighborhood with his family only to discover that he’s the only Chinese- American student at his new school; the powerful Monkey King, subject of one of the oldest and greatest Chinese fables; and Chin-Kee, a personification of the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype, who is ruining his cousin Danny’s life with his yearly visits. Their lives and stories come together with an unexpected twist in this action-packed modern fable.

Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix
A unique tribute to Jimi Hendrix featuring contributions by those who knew and worked with him, enhanced with images by the most renowned rock photographers of the era.

Making Comics, Lynda Barry
The renowned author of Understanding Comics offers brilliant instruction on how to actually create this widely beloved art form.

Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Self Portrait with Nothing, Aimee Potwatka
Combining a thrilling pan-continental race against time with an authentic and touching personal drama, Self-Portrait with Nothing is an unforgettable debut that explores what it means to be part of a family.

Westside, W. M. Akers
A young detective who specializes in “tiny mysteries” finds herself at the center of a massive conspiracy in this beguiling historical fantasy set on Manhattan’s Westside—a peculiar and dangerous neighborhood home to strange magic and stranger residents—that blends the vivid atmosphere of Caleb Carr with the imaginative power of Neil Gaiman.


A World of Curiosities, Louise Penny
A letter written by a long dead stone mason is discovered. In it the man describes his terror when bricking up an attic room somewhere in the village. Every word of the 160-year-old letter is filled with dread. When the room is found, the villagers decide to open it up. As the bricks are removed, Gamache, Beauvoir and the villagers discover a world of curiosities. In unsealing that room, an old enemy is
released into their world. Into their lives. And into the very heart of Armand Gamache’s home.

The Boys from Biloxi, John Grisham
John Grisham returns to Mississippi with the riveting story of two sons of immigrant families who grow up as friends, but ultimately find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Grisham’s trademark twists and turns will keep you tearing through the pages until the stunning conclusion.

The Philosophy of Modern Song, Bob Dylan
Dylan, who began working on the book in 2010, offers his extraordinary insight into the nature of popular music. He writes over sixty essays focusing on songs by other artists. These essays are written in Dylan’s unique prose. They are mysterious and mercurial, poignant and profound, and often laugh-out-loud funny. And while they are ostensibly about music, they are really meditations and
reflections on the human condition.

The Twelve Topsy-Turvy Very Messy Days of Christmas, James Patterson
and Tad Safran
At Christmastime, a family of three are missing someone dear to them. Until unexpected guests begin to arrive at their empty house, filling it with Christmas memories in the making.  Listening to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is a beloved holiday tradition.  Now comes a new one: Reading James Patterson’s instant classic, The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas

Bibi, My Story, Benjamin Netanyahu (NF)
Offering an unflinching account of a life, a family, and a nation, Netanyahu writes from the heart and embraces controversy head-on. Steely and funny, high-tempo and full of verve, this autobiography will stand as a defining testament to the value of political conviction and personal courage.

Devil’s Delight: An Agatha Raisin Mystery, M.C. Beaton
Toni and Agatha are in the car on the way to Officer Bill Wong’s long-awaited wedding when, much to their shock, a naked young man bursts through a hedge on the side of the road and comes running toward them.