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EPOCH is a creative magazine that publishes artwork and writing by teens in grades 7 – 12. Have you written something you liked for a class or for yourself? Did you really get into an art assignment? Submit your best work via email to be considered for the next volume.

Volume 9 is here! We can’t wait to share it with you. Stop in the library anytime to pick up a free copy.

Submissions for Volume 10 are due on February 27, 2023! Volume 10 will be printed by the end of the 2023 school year.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis for future issues. Please submit your work for future issues of EPOCH via email.




poetry / prose / fiction / non-fiction

photography / artwork / comics / drawings / miscellany


Submit your creative work to the next issue of EPOCH  Magazine: a publication by and for teens in grades 7  through 12.

All work is chosen by a group of teens on our editorial board. Each piece of art and writing is reviewed anonymously until final selections are chosen.

This year we are asking visual artists to include a statement about their work—what inspired the piece and what they hope to convey. Please include a few lines about your work along with your submission. We hope to publish these artist statements for Volume 10 this spring.


Forms You’ll Need:

How to Submit WRITING to EPOCH

How to Submit ARTWORK to EPOCH

Permission to Publish

How to Join the EPOCH Editorial Board


Come into the library to check out older volumes of EPOCH.

You can also check out the Volume 6 digital edition here!

Thank you to everyone who submits their work. We continue getting more submissions with each issue, and we wish we could feature every single one. Our editorial board is always impressed with the strong writing and beautiful artwork that is submitted.

If your work is not featured in one issue, we hope you will submit again.


Join the EPOCH Team!

We accept applications on a rolling basis.

The EPOCH Editorial Team is small but mighty. We review writing and art submitted by our teen peers. We arrange (aka “curate”) the chosen submissions into the next volume of EPOCH! We have hybrid meetings on Zoom and in person to learn, hang out, eat snacks, talk about life, and discuss writing and art. We meet throughout the year based on group availability. If that sounds fun: APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!

To apply, send Jeannette an introductory email with the following information:

Subject: Epoch Editorial Board

Your name, grade, age, and school
A writing or art skill you HAVE
A writing or art skill you want to IMPROVE
A writing or art sample

Please email Jeannette to apply/sign up.

Forms You’ll Need:

How to Submit WRITING to EPOCH

How to Submit ARTWORK to EPOCH

Permission to Publish

How to Join the EPOCH Editorial Board