Teen Programming

Skidompha Programming for Teens

Homeschool Library Skills Program:

Skidompha is pleased to offer a new program designed to meet the needs of Maine homeschool families. Families with children in grades 1-12 are required to include library skills as a part of their annual curriculum; we have developed a six-part course tailored to children’s developmental needs at different levels. This program may be completed in person or virtually. Please contact Kristi for more information or to register. 

Please note the course will include the following sessions:

  • Tour of the library
  • Checking materials out
  • Genre
  • Other available resources
  • Check-in session

Each session will consist of informative and interactive portions. Children will also receive a special punchcard to keep them engaged and checking books out from the library at least ten times during the course of the school year. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a form to submit along with their annual portfolio. 

This program is free of charge and available to all Skidompha members. Don’t have a library card yet? Signing up is simple—stop by to learn how.



EPOCH magazine

EPOCH is a creative magazine that publishes artwork and writing by teens ages 13 to 18.

Are you working on a piece of writing on your own or for a class? Did you get into an art assignment? We would love to get you involved. Go here for more information.