Carey Art Gallery

The Carey Art Gallery was established in memory of Parker and Joyce Carey of Damariscotta. They were, in the words of library director Pam Gormley, “devoted and tireless volunteers for Skidompha.”

Parker, whose favorite library job was re-shelving books, was also for many years co-manager of the Skidompha Secondhand Book Shop. Works displayed at the Carey Gallery include art, crafts, photography, and posters, with preference given to local artists.

If you’re interested in displaying your art in the Carey Art Gallery, contact us for more information.


Atrium Quilt Display

A stunning display of quilts, handmade by local artists, hangs prominently in the Atrium. The display rotates regularly, so be sure to check often for something new. If you’re interested in displaying your quilts in the library, contact us for more information.



Migaloo is the large whale hanging in our Atrium. Created by incredibly talented artists Melissa Glendinning and Erica Qualey, Migaloo is a sculpture of a Humpback Whale. He is approximately 20 feet long, or the size of a 1-2-month-old baby humpback whale. The sculpture is supported inside by a wooden “spine” and a combination of PVC piping and Pex tubing, and the eyes are small fish bowls painted with sea glass paint.⁠ We dubbed him “Migaloo” after the famous hypo-pigmented (or leucistic) Humpback Whale off the coast of Australia. If you want to know more about the real-life Migaloo, he has his own website.


Art Alcove

The Art Alcove, located the east corner of the Mezzanine, contains a sizable collection of illustrated art books.


Barbara Cooney Display Case

This display case is dedicated to Barbara Cooney, a well-known author and illustrator of children’s books who lived in Damariscotta. The case contains photos, sketches, and her two Caldecott medals.