Skidompha Public Library adheres to the American Library Association (ALA) Code of Ethics and other ALA policies that are relevant to Skidompha.

Members’ rights and responsibilities

Library Cards Policy

Membership in the Library is free, with proof of residency, for persons living in towns providing municipal support: Damariscotta, Newcastle, and Nobleboro.  Others may purchase household memberships for an annual fee. Students/teachers may join for free with proper identification. The Director may offer scholarships where hardship exists.

Privacy & Confidentiality

All registration and lending records are private and confidential as part of our commitment to intellectual freedom, Skidompha Policy, and the Maine Revised Statute, Title 27 (link to http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/statutes/27/title27sec121.html). Confidentiality extends to all records with identifying information about patrons, including their requests for information and materials and their lending transactions. It also includes the use of Library computers and the online resources they access.

The Library will keep patron records confidential and will not use this information except as necessary for the proper operation of the Library and will not disclose the information except upon consent of the user, pursuant to subpoena or court order, or as otherwise required by law.

Circulation Policy

Items from Skidompha Library circulate for two weeks. Items may be renewed unless there is a hold for another patron. Material cataloged as Reference or Genealogy does not circulate.

Interlibrary Loans Policy

Skidompha belongs to a consortium of lending libraries from which we can acquire additional materials. Interlibrary loan materials are subject to the lending rules of the lending library.

Fines Policy

Overdue items accrue fines of $0.10/day. The overdue fines schedule will be reviewed by the Director every two years.  

Lost or Damaged Materials Policy

To maintain borrowing privileges, members must replace, at the Library’s wholesale cost, any items lost or badly damaged.

Policy for Protection of Children

The Library staff and/or volunteers do not supervise children or monitor their access to printed or electronic information.  This responsibility resides with a parent and/or guardian. Children under the age of 11 cannot be left alone or unsupervised in the Library. The Library reserves the right to contact enforcement agencies if children are left unattended for extended periods of time or are left unattended at closing time.

Internet Access Policy

The Library’s public access computers are available to users on a first-come, first-served basis. Time will be limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

Internet Usage Policy

Per Maine State Library requirements, Skidompha Public Library employs basic internet censorship on all public use computers. Whether using Skidompha’s public access computers or your personal computer, viewing pornographic materials is not permitted in the Library. Users who abuse this policy and refuse to modify behavior will be directed to exit the Library.

Termination of Privileges Policy

The Library may withhold any and/or all privileges from persons exhibiting disregard for Library materials, policies, or facilities. Patrons behaving in a threatening, disrespectful, disruptive, or otherwise inappropriate manner may lose privileges. Library staff will contact police when necessary.

Harassment Policy

The Library will maintain an environment free of sexual, physical, and verbal harassment. The Library will keep all complaints confidential. The Director will formally review this policy with staff at least once a year.



Access Policy

Library programs and facilities will be accessible to all regardless of race, color, nationality, age, religion, political affiliation, educational background, sexual orientation, gender expression, or physical limitation.  In accordance with applicable ADA regulations, the Library’s facilities will remain fully accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Bulletin Boards Policy

The Library’s bulletin boards are restricted to postings for not-for-profit causes, and priority will be given to events in the local community. The Library staff will post, rearrange, and remove posters and flyers from its bulletin boards as it sees fit. Size limits may apply.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones may not be used in the Library, except where permission signs are displayed.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in the Library or anywhere on the Library campus.