Printing and Public Computers

We have six public access computers available at Skidompha. Check in at the circulation desk to use one (library card not required). Additionally, the Library offers patrons the ability to print (from our computers or their own devices), scan pages, or make faxes.

Print, Scanning, and Fax Costs

Printing – Black $ White $.25 per page
Printing – Color $.50 per page
Copies – Black & White $.25 per page
Copies – Color $.50 per page
Scanning $.25 per page
Faxes $1.00 per page


Wi-Fi Hotspots

And, be sure to ask us about checking out a wi-fi hotspot!

Skidompha has eight wi-fi hotspots. These allow you to use your devices to access the internet at home or on the go! Feel free to ask a librarian for more information.

Click Here For Our Hotspot Guidelines and Policies

Skidompha Internet Standards of Decency

As protector of personal freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the Library does not select, monitor, or restrict access to the millions of internet sites available. However, patrons must observe the community’s and the Library’s standards of decency while in the Library and/or while using Library equipment.

While using any Library equipment and/or while in any Library campus location, whether using the Library internet computers or personally-owned computers, users must not view text or graphics that may be reasonably construed as pornographic or an not meeting standards of decency.