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Every day, your support of Skidompha changes lives. You let us devote time to tech literacy, which allows us to help patrons of all ages have more access to information, resources, and the world. You encourage confidence in our young patrons by giving them a platform to express themselves through art, writing, and free reading. Diligent genealogy volunteers can help patrons locate elusive documents because of your generosity, allowing for exciting breakthroughs in their research. Our library is the site of so much energy, curiosity, and connection because of you- thank you!

Becoming a monthly sustainer of Skidompha is the best way to extend your gift to the library. We’re excited about the many ways we work with our patrons and community; by turning your donation into a once-a-month gift, we can build stronger programs, richer collections, and deepen the reach of our services.

As always, we are so grateful for all you do to support the library, and we hope you’ll become one of our monthly subscribers. It greatly broadens the reach of your incredible generosity, and helps us bring our friends and neighbors so many services. Thank you!

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