Resources on Racial Equality + Protest in the United States

Dear reader, 

I am broken by the pictures I see on the news and on social media right now.

Racism is toxic to our community and our society. History shows again and again that silence in the face of injustice achieves nothing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr noted this “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Public Libraries are institutions of welcoming acceptance.At Skidompha we proudly offer access to our building, our services, and our resources to all regardless of race, color, nationality, age, religion, political affiliation, educational background, sexual orientation, gender expression, or physical ability.

In this time of national conflict the Skidompha Library will continue to support and represent the principles of access, equality, and fairness and will stand with, listen to, and learn from communities of color in our country.

Providing access to information is a primary role of a library in our society.At this unsettled time it is especially important for us to meet this aspect of our mission to help our community make sense of the emerging crisis in our country. Please review and explore the varied list of resources below that shine a light on America’s history of racism, civil unrest and protest, as well as a list of periodicals that are available online to all who have a Skidompha library card.

It is important that we call each other in to this work.We will stand together in the strength of our community to speak out against racism. We hope you will join us in committing to this work beyond the pain and anguish of this moment in history, but in ongoing and sustainable ways.

Please listen and learn with us, and work with us to move our community and our country into a more perfect union.

In solidarity and good health, 

Matthew Graff 
Executive Director
Skidompha Library

Anti-Racism + Protest History Resources for Adults

Resources for Conversations with Children

Resources for Teens