03.09.23 Time for Spring

Dear Friends,

I love days like today—breezy without a cloud in the sky. The sunlight reflecting off the snow brings even more light, both outside and in. It reminds me that both the official arrival of spring, March 20, and Daylight Savings Time, March 12, are near. I can’t say I enjoy losing an hour of sleep in the morning, but that is more than offset by the extra sun in the evening, and the promise of stronger sun as winter takes a nap and spring, ready and refreshed from the prior year, comes out to play.

Just one note this week, about our meeting room policy. Our meeting rooms are free and open to the public, and over the years, we have found them to be one of the most utilized resources in the library. We have only two public meeting rooms and wish we had enough space for many more. To be fair to all of the patrons who call often to book these rooms, we’re changing our meeting room policy. Starting on Tuesday, March 14, meeting room use is limited to a maximum of three consecutive hours per day, and patrons may reserve rooms for a maximum of two times per week. Reservations over three hours and/or more than twice in one week that were already booked before this change was made will be honored.

This change was made after careful consideration. Many people requesting a room are turned away each day because there is no time available for them in the schedule. It is our hope that by managing room use in this way, availability will be more accessible to all of our patrons.

There are many lovely and cozy corners around the library available for use, with comfy chairs and desks scattered around Skidompha. These spots will always remain available without limit, and we invite you to enjoy them all day, every day when we are open. 

Be well,

Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library