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2023.09.07 Library Card Sign-Up Month

Hello friends, A couple of FYIs this week. First, Skidompha will be closed on Thursday, September 14th for staff training. We will reopen on Friday, September 15th at 9am. Moving on… Did you know it is Library Card Sign-up month? If you’re reading this you probably already have a library card, but Skidompha and the… Read more »

8.31.2023 A Book Recommendation

Hello friends, Because I’m a glutton for punishment and the news isn’t scary enough, I’ve been reading White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan by Mick Ryan. White Sun War is a fictional portrayal of China invading the island of Taiwan, and the ensuing war between China, the United States, and its allies. White Sun… Read more »

8.24.2023 Reading in the Summertime

Hello, friends! I’m briefly taking over for Matthew this week. Of the many joys of summer as a kid, spreading out on my front lawn in the shade with a pile of books had to be one of the keenest. It was an activity my future self would look back on with envy, as high… Read more »

8.17.2023 Hoopla

Hello friends, August 9th, and another bee swarm. Can you believe it? We had all noticed how crowded the hive was recently, but were hoping we wouldn’t see a swarm so late in the season.  I believe there’s a proverb that says, “swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June… Read more »

8.10.2023 Some Stats from the Library

Hello friends, The end of our fiscal year offers a chance for us to look back at some of what we have accomplished over the prior twelve months, and puts into perspective just how busy Skidompha librarians are. Looking back on some FY 2022 Skidompha stats: We had over 28,000 library visits to the Library. … Read more »

8.3.2023 Skidompha Book Shop

Hello friends, I am so proud to share that Yankee Magazine has recognized our very own Skidompha Book Shop as The Best Used Bookstore in the Best of New England section of the magazine’s May/June 2023 issue.  Yankee wrote, “Step inside, and you’ll instantly sense the love and pride that have powered this volunteer effort for 55 years…. Read more »

7.27.2023 Reciprocal Borrowing

Hello friends,   I think I may have mentioned the Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program before, but it was quite a while ago. So let’s do a refresher!   The Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program allows anyone with a valid library card from one of the participating libraries to visit any of the other participating libraries and check out… Read more »

7.20.2023 It’s Too Hot

Hello friends, Just before writing this my phone lit up with texts from my brother and nephew describing just how hot this summer is for people. Per the Washington post,  El Paso has logged a record 27 days in a row at or above 100 degrees. Phoenix is destined for a 15th consecutive day at… Read more »

7.13.2023 Clue

Hello friends, Last week I stopped off at Molly’s desk to ask a question and saw that she was shopping for 20-inch inflatable dice. Not something you usually expect a library to need, but then again, Skidompha is not your typical library. Molly, recognizing my mute confusion, replied “Clue”. It took me a moment but… Read more »

7.6.2023 Summer at Skidompha

Hello friends, A short note this week. I do love the summer, not just because of the sun and warmth, but also because of how busy the library is, and for all the new and fascinating people I meet at Skidompha. We’re rockin’-and-rollin’ these days with lots of great, free Summer Read programming, a cool,… Read more »