03.16.23 Carey Art Gallery

Dear Friends,

It is important to me that Skidompha be a place that inspires interest, curiosity and wonder. That it be filled with items that engage and prompt people to stop and look, and engage. Our books–Skidompha’s foundation–tick all those boxes, but other modalities exist: beautiful and unique plants, clever book displays, Migaloo and the bees, the fish, complex quilts, and art. Every work day I walk through the back doors of the library and am greeted each day by the gorgeous artwork hanging there. Sure, there are days when my mind is on the one hundred other things that need to get done before lunch, and I forget to pause and appreciate the artwork, but I’m practicing pausing more often and bringing awareness to my day.

Artwork hangs in the space officially known as the Carey Art Gallery. The artwork changes monthly, and Rachel Zoller, one of our Librarians, organizes and supports this space, and makes certain that we always have a diverse collection of artists and mediums in our Gallery. Rachel works with the artists to build the calendar, and often we are booked almost a full year out. I appreciate Rachel and her efforts immensely for all her work in this department.

This month’s show hanging in the Carey Art Gallery features the work of Kathleen Thornton and Linda Healy. Kathleen works primarily in acrylics and takes inspiration from the Maine environment. Linda is a weaver and an artist. She reframes the colors and patterns found in nature within the geometric constraints of warp and weft, often giving a nod to her Swedish heritage and historic Scandinavian weaving techniques.

Please take an extra minute to pause and engage with the artwork the next time you find yourself in Skidompha. Note the time, effort, and creativity the artist has devoted to each piece, and appreciate the art that surrounds us all.

Whose talents will we showcase next? Come and find out!

Be well,

Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library