2024.06.20 EPOCH Volume 11 is here!

Dear Friends,

Some great news! Our newest edition of our EPOCH Magazine just dropped and it looks so-so good! For those of you unfamiliar, EPOCH is our now annual magazine of teen literary, photographic, and artistic content. The EPOCH project is funded entirely through a grant, and is headed by our own Jeannette Eaton and supported by Gordon Clark. Jeannette and Gordon help guide and organize an editorial board of teen students, who sort through submissions, and make the final decisions on inclusion and editing for the magazine. The submissions themselves come from schools around the area, and give students a chance to showcase their amazing work.

I am especially proud of EPOCH. It provides a unique opportunity for teens to gain experience working together towards a common goal, and exercise editorial control of their own project. Deliverables include pride and satisfaction at producing an exceptionally thoughtful magazine printed (locally) to professional standards.

Extra copies are available for you for free at Skidompha, and I invite you to stop by and page through Volume 11 and appreciate the sterling work of these thoughtful teens.

Congratulations EPOCH Editorial Board, and great job!

Be well,


Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library