2.16.23 Welcome, Meghan

Dear Friends,
I am thrilled to introduce you to our newest staff member, Meghan Hawkes. Meghan’s role at the library will see her working in circulation and as the Communications Coordinator. We are so happy she is here!
An art school graduate, and book lover, Meghan comes to us from a background of work in town at Sherman’s and as a freelance illustrator. Meghan will read anything you put in front of her, though she reserves a particular love for history, science fiction, and books about marine life. We are all very excited to have her on board and to see the energy she brings to her new roles here at the library.
As is often the case, a new position replaces a former one. Meghan is taking over in circulation for Erika. Erika added so much during her time here, and we miss her! And Meghan is stepping in to fill the communications role for Jeannette, who is stepping out to focus more of her time on teaching mindfulness meditation and creative writing. I am happy and relieved that Jeannette will be staying at Skidompha to continue her weekly mindfulness and poetry groups and her work with EPOCH magazine and the teen editorial board.
Whenever you next find yourself at Skidompha or in one of Jeannette’s online groups, please take the time to welcome Meghan and wish Jeannette well. We are so lucky to have an incredible group of staff members here at the library, and I look forward to having you get to know Meghan as she settles into her new role.
Be well,
Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library