2.17.22 | Art at Skidompha


Dear Friends,

Before I began working at Skidompha, when I first interviewed and visited the library, I was struck by how sincerely the staff loved working there and how welcoming the physical space was. The gorgeous artwork on display brought a smile to my face, and I knew I was entering a special place.

I have since learned that a lot of the work and organization that goes into coordinating these art displays is thanks to one of our librarians, Rachel Zoller. I am grateful for Rachel’s energy and interest in working with artists to keep these vibrant displays running.

Right now, we have some beautiful paintings from Haitian artists hanging in the library as part of an annual fundraiser. Net proceeds of any sales of these paintings will benefit two entities—the first is a small school in the village of Figaro that lies on the outskirts of Gros Morne in northwest Haiti. The second entity is a Go Fund Me event planned to raise money for projects to help the citizens of Gros Morne itself.  These paintings are available to view and purchase through the end of this month.

I hope you’ll come in to see them and take the time to look at the many other artists whose work we feature in the library.


Be well,

Matthew Graff