2.24.22 | Changing our Phone Number

Dear Friends,

These last two years have been full of change, and to keep the trend going, the library will be changing its phone number. If we’ve learned anything from all this transition, it’s how to be flexible. We know this process will take time, so we’ll extend it into the summer to allow everyone (especially us!) to get used to our new numbers.

So how will it work? Slowly and gently. We will retain our current numbers, including our main number, 207-563-5513, and our direct children’s number, 207-563-1058, into the summer. When you call these numbers, the phone will ring here at the library the same as it has always done. At the same time, our two new telephone numbers will be active. Calling them will also get you to the library. Our new main number is 207-887-0919, and our new children’s number is 207-945-1056.

There is no significant change happening now, but we want to give all of us as much time to get used to this as possible. Our old numbers will continue to work, and the new numbers will work quietly in the background for any early adopters who want to use them.

Since the transition will not occur immediately, it will be kind of like when a new traffic light goes up, and the DOT doesn’t turn it on for a few months to help people get used to it. We will keep you informed on the progress of this transition and issue periodic reminders through our weekly email and notes in the Lincoln County News.

The other big news this week has to do with changing up your record collection if you have any vinyl you’re looking to donate. The Skidompha Secondhand Book Shop wants you to know they are running low on record donations—they are especially interested in classic rock at the moment. So we kindly request that you flip through those records and see if you might be willing to part with anything. I’m going to see whether my vintage copy of The Captain and Tenille’s Love Will Keep Us Together is in good shape. Muskrat Love no longer has the same hold on me as back in ‘75.

As always, thank you for your support of Skidompha.

Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library