04.06.2023 Afternoon in the Library

Dear friends,

While Matthew is on vacation – hopefully seeing a great many whales and enjoying the ocean – I am filling in for this week’s “hello” to all of you. In thinking about what, precisely, I wanted to say, it occurred to me that I mostly just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the physical space of the Library, and invite you to do the same.

A friend observed to me this week that she has become “the sort of person who comments on the light changing,” which I thought was simply delightful. Beyond that, I understand exactly what she means. Every afternoon, the light on the second floor of the Library hits a point where it is perfectly golden, and casts the sort of shadows that suddenly make Edward Hopper paintings make sense. The view out the windows over Main Street and to the water is worth seeing at any time of day, but the late afternoon really shows it at its best. It is a wonderful time and place to sit, and enjoy the moment.

Even on a cloudy or rainy afternoon, it can be exceedingly cozy to sit in one of the chairs upstairs with a book, and watch the rain roll in. So, regardless of the weather, I hope you are having a lovely day, and that you get the chance to enjoy an afternoon in the Library soon.


Meghan Hawkes
Adult Services Librarian | Communications Coordinator
Skidompha Public Library