2023.09.28 Pumpkinfest

Dear Friends,

Apparently there is some sort of festival happening next week? Something about Pumpkins? All joking aside, it’s an exciting time of year for Damariscotta: Pumpkinfest 2023 is almost here! Starting at 10 am this Saturday at Louis Doe’s where local pumpkin growers will present their 2023 pumpkins to be weighed, and finishing on the 9th with the Pumpkin Regatta (a Pumpkin Regatta!); this is a unique and fun week for the town.

I remember my first experience with Pumpkinfest when I moved to Damariscotta in 2019. I had asked around for details on what to expect, but details were sparsely provided, rather the usual response was something along the lines of, “you just have to see it”. And I can’t argue with that! The influx of people, the enormity of the pumpkins, and the beautiful art decorating them were startling, and it was a lovely introduction to the fun, eclectic character of the town.

Skidompha will be hosting the Pumpkinfest Pumpkin Dessert Contest on the 7th at 11am. Please see https://www.mainepumpkinfest.com/dessert-contest for details. I have threatened to invoke a heavy “tax” (read: librarian taste test) on all participating desserts, so no guarantees on how much will be left after the contest.

It looks like the weather will cooperate, at least through next week, so I hope you can get out and enjoy the uniquely Damariscotta festival.

Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library