2023.10.19 Website Changes

Hello Friends,

I wanted to call your attention to our new website we softly launched. Thank you to our own Meghan Hawkes for taking on this laborious project, and for all of her hard work making this renovation possible. I love the clean format and color palette.

A couple of quick notes Our home page now has thumbnails of our latest Instagram posts, previews and links to our director’s notes, as well as a shortcut to sign up for our e-newsletter. Our contact info and hours of operation remain at the bottom of the page.

Click on the Collection and Services drop down at the top of the page and you will go directly to our catalog page where you’ll see options to access our catalog, access your record, and reserve or renew a book. Mousing over that drop down shows other clickable options for some of our most popular web services, including our catalog page (again), Online Resources with links to Hoopla, The Cloud Library, and the Digital Maine Library, and so on.

Clicking on Programs and Events will bring you directly to our calendar where you can look for and search for events. Similar to Collection and Services, mousing over the Programs and Events drop down displays clickable options describing programming for each department.

Last in line is the About drop down. Click on that to go straight to Skidompha’s About Us page. Mousing over that menu offers clickable options for all sorts of information about the Skidompha, including a link to make a donation to Skidompha, and information about all the staff who work here.

We’re still trying out this new format, and some slight tuning, tweaks, and adjustments may be forthcoming.

Be well,

Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library