2023.10.27 Our Fall Appeal

Dear Friends,

This week I’m briefly taking over for Matthew!

Earlier this year, after a couple of really lovely interactions with patrons at Skidompha, I started making notes in my planner about particularly interesting, funny, or just plain nice things I witnessed happening at the library. I mentioned this habit to my coworkers, some of whom started making notes of their own, and we realized it was genuinely difficult to keep track of all those great moments. I think this comes down to a real sense of community; those of us who work at Skidompha and those of us who visit it are united in our belief in Skidompha’s power for good.. This belief embraces difference and diversity in the same moment as it promotes a common ground. It creates a place of warmth, respect, curiosity, and humor. It’s a heartening thing to see when you come into work every day.

Every time you visit Skidompha you’re helping to make it a site of connection and community. A trip to the library can be a routine, maybe unremarkable part of your day, but the next time you stop by, I encourage you to feel some well-earned pride at what you have helped to sustain. Roughly ninety percent of our funding comes from public contributions- so much of what you see at Skidompha is a direct result of the support you show us. We couldn’t be more grateful for that support.

I hope you’ll continue to extend that generosity as we head into the fall. Our Fall Appeal just launched and is an excellent means of helping to strengthen the library’s operating budget; we can take donations online, in person, and through the mail. Gifting a subscription to our Skidompha Circle is a great way to honor the literacy advocate in your life. Keep an eye out for our Giving Tree, graciously hosted by our neighbors at Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop, and for unique opportunities to contribute on Giving Tuesday. If you’re a business owner, we would love for you to become a sponsor. The dedicated (and decorated) staff of volunteers at the Second Hand Bookshop are always worth a visit, with the proceeds from all sales directly benefiting Skidompha.

I can only repeat- thank you for the many ways you strengthen Skidompha, and I look forward to seeing what we’ll continue to accomplish together. We hope to see you soon at the library!

Chloe Deblois
Development Director