2023.11.09 A Busy Season

Hello, everyone!

We’re all hoping that Matthew is having a great vacation, and in the meantime you get some substitute newsletter authors!

I always associate this time of year with an uptick in activity, be it professional, personal, or social. With evenings arriving so much earlier, it’s easy to feel like we have less day at our disposal to get everything done we want to, especially as we hurtle toward the holidays. However, after a conversation with my coworker Frazier about adjusting to the jolt of daylight savings ending, it occurs to me that even though it can be a really busy time, there’s also an opportunity to use our time differently. The early evenings can be a great chance to allow ourselves to decompress more thoroughly, be it through a favorite hobby, trying out new recipes, or talking with friends and family.

Fall is also a busy season for books- there are so many new releases leading up to the holidays, which is both a source of much excitement for avid readers and one of stress (when to read all these titles?). Really taking the time to sink into a new read can too be a restorative activity, and there’s an especially wonderful feeling which comes from an autumn evening spent reading.

Skidompha is always ready to provide a space for some respite as we begin this busy season. We’re always adding new titles for you to peruse, and we are more than happy to just be a comfortable place to pause as you move through your day.

We hope you’ll visit soon!

Chloe Deblois
Development Director