2023.12.07 Municipal Petitions

Dear Friends,

A quick note to let you know about a couple of petitions we have going here at both our Children’s and Main circulation desks. If you are a voter and resident in Damariscotta or Nobleboro, I invite you to sign one when you are at Skidompha next.

Each year we request funding from the local municipalities to which we provide service: Damariscotta, Nobleboro, and Newcastle. Part of the request process involves acquiring signatures in support of our request.

At this time we have two active petitions, one in support of our request for funding from Nobleboro, and a similar petition to Damariscotta. Signatures must come from registered voters living in that specific town, i.e. if you are a registered voter of Nobleboro, with your residence in Nobleboro, you are eligible to sign the Nobleboro petition, and likewise for the Damariscotta petition.

Our submission requests, and further municipal funding require signature and support, so please take a moment sign.

Thank you,


Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library