2023.12.21 A Heartfelt Thank You

Hello, all!

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday season.

I wanted to take the opportunity in this week’s newsletter to thank everyone who has contributed to our fall appeal. This community is truly remarkable in its generosity; many great organizations and causes thrive in this area because of the steadfast support we receive from friends, neighbors, and patrons. Skidompha is deeply grateful for this level of commitment. We say it often, but it bears repeating- we can fulfill our mission to bring you a diverse array of services, programs, and collections because you support us. You make it all happen, and we’ll always be pleased and proud to thank you for everything you do for the library.

There’s still plenty of time to make a gift to Skidompha this year. A donation made in a loved one’s name is a wonderful way to honor them and to celebrate this time of togetherness and giving. A book from our Giving Tree wish-list, kindly hosted by our bookish neighbors at Sherman’s, is another much-appreciated way to support the library. Donations of dry goods made to our Little Free Pantry are always encouraged and are a great way to provide material support to many people in our community. Library memberships for those living outside of Damariscotta, Newcastle, and Nobleboro also make thoughtful and engaging gifts.

One final shout-out: The Skidompha Secondhand Book-Shop has enjoyed some well-earned recognition this year in both Yankee and Down East magazines, and the incredible team of volunteers who make it such a vibrant place deserve some special recognition. We’re so grateful for their hard work, humor, and dedication! The Book-Shop is a great stop on your round of holiday shopping destinations, with surprising, exciting titles always available, and gift certificates ready to make stockings that much more special. And with a cozy fire and beautiful view of the river ready and waiting, it’s well-poised to become

your new favorite winter hideaway.

From all of us at Skidompha, again, thank you one and all for the many ways you give back to this library and this community. We wish you a happy, healthy holiday and share our hope for a peaceful New Year.

Chloe Deblois
Development Director