2024.03.015 Goodbye From Molly

Hi everyone,

It’s Molly, one of your Adult Services Librarians! Today, I have the bittersweet honor of writing my very first and last newsletter message to you. Over the past two and a half (incredible!) years working here at Skidompha Library, I realized that I need to be closer to my family; I will be leaving Skidompha to move to Chicago on March 22nd. While each of you has added an amazing and unforgettable richness to my life, I know that you understand the importance of family — in fact, seeing you with YOUR families made me realize it was time to be with MINE.

Skidompha has been an adventure from the beginning. I found the job posting thirty minutes before the application window closed and frantically sent out my resume in the hopes that I wasn’t too late. When I received an invitation to interview, I was elated and then when I was asked, “how do you feel about bees?” as an interview question, I knew this was going to be a great fit. And it was. From my colleagues, to the Board, to all of you, and even to the bees (who never tried to sting me), everything about Skidompha was wonderful.

Though our time together is coming to an end, I want you to know how much I love this library and this community. I have worked in several libraries in several cities (and even different countries!) and I can confidently say there is no place like Skidompha Library. YOU — the staff, the Board members, the patrons, the community partners, and (yes) even the bees (if they are reading this)— are the reason Skidompha is such an amazing place.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Skidompha community and for allowing me to get to know you. While I’m sad to leave you, I know you’re in good hands and I am confident that the next Adult Services Librarian will be a phenomenal addition to the Skidompha team!

While I am not in the office this week (I’m on safari in Kenya!) I would love to see you to say goodbye sometime between March 19th and 22nd.

Thank you again, for everything. I wish I had the words to fully express the positive impact you’ve had on my life.

With my deepest gratitude,


Molly Coyle
Adult Services Librarian
Skidompha Public Library