2024.04.25 Volunteer Appreciation Week

Dear Friends,

May I spend a moment with you to talk up our wonderful volunteers? Skidompha would truly be a shadow of itself without these passionate, and hard working people. They do so much but never get the accolades and appreciation they deserve.

Skidompha Library volunteers do everything from working both circ desks, to shelving and shelf reading. Without their help we would not be able to properly staff the library and manage all of the jobs of the day. Our librarians are already tasked with so much, and our volunteers give up their time for us to make certain Skidompha is properly staffed and our librarians can complete their work.

The Skidompha Bookshop volunteers are equally magic. Known for their kind and hospitable manner, they create a warm and welcoming space that happens to have a beautiful view. People come to spend time looking for a great deal on their favorite book, chat with the funny and fascinating staff, or just sit and relax with a book. Yes, the building and its location are lovely, but it is the staff that make this the finest used bookshop in Maine.

Thank you, all of our volunteers for making everything we do here possible. 

When stopping in to the Bookshop or the Library, take a moment to thank these very special people for their generous and selfless help in making both spaces so special.

Be well,


Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library