2024.05.02 Spring Bees

Dear Friends,

Our queen bee has made her official Spring debut! We hadn’t seen her all year and I confess I was worried that the Skidompha hive was now queenless and that we would need to requeen quickly. But earlier in the month, 4/17 to be precise, our own sharp-eyed Chloe spotted her surrounded by her keepers and successfully laying!

Our bees live a life of luxury here inside Skidompha, away from frigid temperatures, predators, and other environmental risks, but spring is still a tough time for them. Stores are low, hungry young bees will emerge soon, and uncooperative weather can make foraging difficult if not impossible. Starvation and death by disease are possible.

I confess I’m a little bee obsessed with the new queen sighting. The next few weeks and months will be exciting as the queen repopulates the hive and the workers furnish it with pollen and nectar. I suggest, if possible, you lend them a hand and plant some native bee friendly flowers. Every little bit helps.

Please come down and take a moment to watch the hive and bees, and note how they change over the next month or two.

Be well,


Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library