4.14.22 | Skidompha Updates on Meeting Rooms and Masks

Dear Friends,


We’ve been thinking a lot about emerging lately. Emerging feels slow to me, similar to the slow process of spring emerging from winter. Cold gray days of rain and gritty sidewalks interspersed with warm, gentle, glowing sunshine, and birds returning excitedly for seed. Emerging shifts from something settled and familiar, one place or one season, into the next. There can be instability in that change, but that next chapter also becomes familiar over time.


This will be the third spring of the pandemic, and with the emergence of spring, there are continued shifts from one stage of the pandemic to the next. I want to update you on how Skidompha will handle this latest shift. We’ll start by reopening some of our conference rooms for public use. Beginning April 19, we will open our Barbicon and Carpenter rooms. We will start taking reservations for these rooms immediately, so please feel welcome to reach out by calling 207-887-0919 or emailing us at info@skidompha.org. If the rooms are not already reserved, you may also drop in and enjoy our rooms without a reservation. Please notify the circulation desk first before you head up the stairs. We plan to open Porter Meeting Hall on May 3, and we will start taking reservations for Porter the week of April 25.


We will also change our masking policy on April 19. Masking will still be mandatory in the children’s room but optional for all vaccinated individuals in the rest of the library. If you are unvaccinated, we kindly ask you to continue masking. We also support anyone who wants to continue masking. We will continue to leave masks and hand sanitizer out for patron use.


We hope you will share in our excitement about these significant changes. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we have navigated this time together.


Be well,
Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Library