4.20.23 Our Spring Appeal

Dear Friends,

Filling in for Matthew this week, I’m happy to have the chance to chat with Skidompha’s subscribers!

Any new job comes with its share of surprise discoveries, and with luck those surprises are of the happy variety. This has definitely been the case as I’ve settled in to working at Skidompha and have learned more and more about how the library operates. I was impressed to find out how much of our funding comes directly from donations. Most libraries receive the bulk of their funding from municipalities. Skidompha is different- about eighty percent of our revenue comes from gifts and donations. This is incredible! It’s a realization which makes every day at the library feel remarkable. Every activity and program, every book and movie borrowed, truly seem like a part of a collective enterprise. It speaks so well of our community that such value is placed on a public library.

I’m excited to help foster the relationships between Skidompha and our patrons. Our Spring Appeal, which just launched, is a great opportunity to support the library. Summer is a busy time for us, with many new books to recommend, fun events happening all the time, and a Summer Reading program we can’t wait to share with you. The generosity of our community is invaluable and so appreciated; Skidompha is a truly public venture, and everyone who volunteers time, money, materials, or their efforts to the library should be exceptionally proud of what they have helped to create. I invite you to give to our Spring Appeal – we’re happy to accept donations via mail, website, or in person at the circulation desk. Thank you for helping to keep our cooperative, energetic library strong!

I’d like to take the opportunity, as well, to thank the voters and town of Nobleboro for increasing their support of Skidompha in their budget this year. We’re grateful for the funding the town always provides, and happy to have so many of our neighbors and friends from Nobleboro as patrons.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful advent of spring, and to see you at the library soon!

Chloe Deblois
Development Director
Skidompha Public Library