5.5.22 | Latest News From The Skidompha Secondhand Book Shop

Dear Friends,


Have you wandered over to the Skidompha Secondhand Book Shop lately? I have the great pleasure of having a job that allows me time to visit there, though more often than not, I dash in and out, dropping off some books with the amazing volunteers or grabbing something from Rem Briggs or Rosie Benson, our wonderful shop managers. Yesterday I had the chance to spend a little more time than usual at the shop, and today I’m still grateful for it.


There is something about the Book Shop—as soon as I open the door and step inside, I feel at ease. There’s definitely some magic about the beautiful light from the bank of windows at the back of the shop and the views of the water, and honestly, being surrounded by books just puts me at ease. But more, it’s the peaceful vibe of the shop. Every time I’m there, I overhear people connecting over a favorite author, the neighborhood, or something that has happened recently in their lives. I feel like I’m part of the community when I step inside, and I know others feel the same way. The Book Shop feels cared for, and it is. It is held and loved by a dedicated, smart, and creative team of volunteers. And that is the magic these volunteers create—caring for a place so well it can feel like a bit of a home, a bit of respite for others. 


Rosie tells us that lately, “the children’s section has been receiving a steady and generous flow of wonderful donations in all reading levels, from picture books to books by Newbery-winning authors, nonfiction to fantasy!” 


While I was there, I paused to check out some of the new releases and social science books, and I saw so many titles from my read-soon list up there. Some of our poetry-loving patrons have stopped in recently to see what they could find to celebrate National Poetry Month. Movie lovers can find DVDs for $1 through May 14. There is truly something for everyone.


Thank you to all of the donors who generously keep the shelves stocked with great books, music, games, and movies. Thank you to our phenomenal volunteers and managers. We are so grateful to all of you. And thanks to those of you who know and love the shop.  


Be well,


Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Library