7.14.22 | New Art Installation Outside Skidompha!

Dear Friends,

If you’ve taken a stroll down Main Street or driven by the front of the library lately, you may have noticed the giant art installation hanging there. This gorgeous piece of collaborative community art is here thanks to the creative imaginations of Jessie, our Youth Services Librarian, and local artist Erica Qualey. They came up with the idea for a large-scale work of art to coincide with the Summer Reading Program theme, Oceans of Possibilities. Once the idea was shared, the community took over and poured their creativity into it. The result of their skills and vision is outstanding. We are excited to display this beautiful creation, made by and for the community.

Though just recently installed, the project began in February when Erica organized a group of students from Bristol to work with her on the design and initial sketches. They used illustrated books from the library to inspire life-like drawings and gathered over several weeks to draw it all on paper. After transposing the entire 18-ft tall work of art onto six different canvas pieces, it was up to our community to color it all. Canvases were available for coloring at the library. We also sent some to the Lincoln Home, Cove’s Edge, and beyond. In the end, the gorgeous work of art was colored by artists ages 18 months to 80 years. We’re beyond thrilled with the finished product and are excited to share this community-inspired and community-created work of art.

I have enjoyed looking at it again and again in recent weeks, and each time I look, I spot something new. Summer visitors to the library and regular patrons have told us they love seeing it up there. I especially love thinking about how it brought members of our community together this year—always my aspiration for the library.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a photo beneath these words, and we hope you’ll take the time to check it out in person if you can. Thank you to Jessie and Erica for creating this incredible project and to every single artist who participated!

Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library