7.21.22 | Phone Number Update

Dear Friends,

I got up early this morning, and the joy from that decision lingers as I sit here at my computer to write to you. I love walking through town early in the morning before things fully wake up. I took advantage of the quiet to sit on one of the benches across the street from the library to watch the water glisten.

This week’s big news is twofold; the first is a reminder about our new phone numbers. We will fully transition to our new numbers on August 1, 2022. Our new main number is 207-887-0919, and our new children’s number is 207-945-1056. Please get ready to make the switch!

The second is that Lincoln County TV was at the library for our first in-person Chats since the beginning of the pandemic. They recorded William Anthony as he talked about his new book Farnsy. You can find the show at this link on LCTV’s website: https://lctv.org/chats-with-champions-june-30-2022-2022-07-09. If you missed Bill’s talk, I urge you to click on the link. LCTV has done an excellent job putting together a polished and professional show, and Bill is a wonderful and engaging speaker.

I’m keeping this message short and sweet in hopes you may use the extra time to find your own quiet Maine moment this summer.

Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library