7.27.2023 Reciprocal Borrowing

Hello friends,


I think I may have mentioned the Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program before, but it was quite a while ago. So let’s do a refresher!


The Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program allows anyone with a valid library card from one of the participating libraries to visit any of the other participating libraries and check out materials in person. https://www.maine.gov/msl/libs/reciprocal_borrowing/index.shtml Pretty convenient! 


So you probably have some questions. The Maine State Library’s website has a useful FAQs page https://www.maine.gov/msl/libs/reciprocal_borrowing/patron_faqs.shtml that I can, in brief, reproduce here:


Can I “walk in” to any of the participating libraries and borrow any item I’d like? 
In most cases, yes. Think of this as similar to an in-person inter-library lending program where the lending library’s rules control.


Does my “home” library card need to be in good standing? 
Yes! Please make sure your local card is up-to-date, hasn’t expired, and has no fees or fines.


If I borrow an item from another library, where should I return it? 
Preferably, return the item to the library you borrowed it from or return it to your “home” local library. However, you can return the item to any of the participating libraries, should the need arise. The goal of this program is convenience and customer service! 


What if an item I borrow from a participating library gets lost or damaged? 
As is currently the practice with interlibrary lending, the borrower assumes the responsibility for the replacement costs of any lost or damaged materials.  


It appears as if there are different types of libraries that are participating? 
Yes, that’s correct! There are public libraries, college and university libraries, some school libraries, and health and specialty libraries. … You have access to all of them through this program. 


What if I encounter a problem with the reciprocal borrowing program? 
Talk to your local librarians about any issues and to share your thoughts! Receiving feedback about this program is very important, and we want to make improvements where we can. 


Please do not hesitate to check with one of our librarians if you have any further questions. I hope this great perk is helpful to you and you have an opportunity to try it.


Be well,
Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library