8.18.22 | Jessie, Youth Services Librarian Here!


Hello all,

Jessie, Youth Services Librarian, here—Matthew’s away on vacation, so he’s left this letter in my hands this week (insert evil laugh here). All kidding aside, I’m actually just really excited to tell you all about some of the unique items we have in the Youth Services Library. Did you know we have two telescopes now? In addition to telescopes, we have two microscopes. These microscopes have digital displays and a box of prepared slides for you to explore and enjoy.

We also have several pairs of binoculars. We have you covered if you’re wondering what to do with them! We recently curated a backpack kit with ideas for binoculars beyond the usual bird watching (though this bird nerd always encourages any activities related to bird watching). Did you know that binoculars are often sufficient for skywatching? Come check out this kit or any of our pairs of binoculars and tell us what you find.

One of our most recent additions to the collection is this really cool Polaroid camera—yes, it functions just like the Polaroid cameras of yore. When you check it out, you get a box of film to go with it. We even have some black-and-white film if you’re feeling extra artsy. We can’t wait to see what people capture with this new addition to our collection.

We hope you’ll stop by the Youth Services Section sometime, you only need to be young at heart (and open to a little noise) to use our library. All are always welcome.

Happy reading, birding, and exploring!

Jessie Trafton

Youth Services Librarian

Skidompha Public Library