8.31.2023 A Book Recommendation

Hello friends,

Because I’m a glutton for punishment and the news isn’t scary enough, I’ve been reading
White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan by Mick Ryan. White Sun War is a fictional portrayal of China invading the island of Taiwan, and the ensuing war between China, the United States, and its allies.

White Sun War offers ample opportunity to suspend your belief, and some scenes are predictable, but Ryan’s characters have dimension and the novel’s pace never drags. And like many successful horror stories, the fear–and the novel’s success–comes from its prescience and realism–that this war could occur, and unfold in a manner similar to Ryan’s portrayal.

Set close enough in the future to feel real, yet far enough to utilize extraordinary yet believable technology as a key plot theme, Ryan explores the strategy and tactics of such a war and how technology forces the military to change how they think about and conduct war.

I’m usually not one for military books, I’ve read one or two Clancy novels, but I enjoyed White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan.

Be well,
Matthew Graff
Executive Director
Skidompha Public Library

PS Welcome back to school all those heading back. A quick reminder that we have space here for those looking for undisturbed after school study time, as well as crafts and activities for those who wish to unwind with something less academic.