8.4.22 | Summer Reading Program Updates

Dear Friends,

Skidompha has been bustling this summer. I have been blown away by our staff’s commitment to offering so many incredible Summer Reading Program events and by the response from our community and visitors to Damariscotta. We still have a few weeks left to enjoy these summer programs, but I wanted to spend time this week highlighting some of what we’ve all been up to. And, I wanted to offer sincere thanks to everyone who is participating. You keep us curious, engaged, and happy to keep going!

Kids Summer Reading Program:

  • We’ve had 271 kids sign up for the summer. Since each person signing up gets a free book, that’s 271 books into the hands of our community’s youth.
  • We’ve had 251 kids attend programs this summer so far.
  • Highlights include watching eyes light up when Mr. Drew brought his animals to the library. The beautiful community-made mural hanging on the front of the library building inspires us all. We’ve also REALLY enjoyed listening to kids recite poetry for us—either poems they’ve memorized or poems they’ve written. We’ve also noticed the BINGO sheet format has encouraged kids to read outside their comfort zones. 

Teen Summer Reading Program:

  • Nearly 50 teens have signed up for the summer. We’ve remodeled the teen room and added new book clubs for teens.
  • Two teen volunteers teamed up with some of our genealogy volunteers to create beautiful bulletin boards to highlight summer programming. 
  • GSB counselor Jill Davis, who believes in the powerful connection between creativity and relaxation/stress management, taught a sewing class for children and teens. Youth ages 6-14 gathered in Porter Meeting Hall, learned basic skills, and worked on various self-driven projects, including pillows, bags, a camera case, and a sculptural “origami coffee cup.” Each teen was excited to receive a relevant and age-appropriate book to bring home and inspire more practice and projects.
  • We teamed up with Jesse Martin of Wildings, who shared his passion for the Japanese art form Kokedama with a group of teens.
  • Local artist Graham Walton worked with a group of teens in our courtyard one recent afternoon to teach them about printmaking. The teens used chisels to carve their own designs into wooden blocks, then created prints. 

Adult Summer Reading Program:

  • We have been thrilled by the enthusiasm and commitment of Adult Summer Reading participants. We’ve had 219 adults sign up for the summer.
  • The Adult Services staff have enjoyed talking with patrons about their favorite sea creatures and ocean-related books. We also enjoyed the hikes to learn about the local flora and fauna.
  • After learning about Goblin Sharks, Molly will never step foot in the water again. And if you haven’t heard of Mermaid’s Purse, please look it up—Adult Services staff are currently obsessed with this funky little sea oddity.
  • From metal fish to pen-and-ink whales, we have also enjoyed seeing everyone’s marine-themed art projects. Please keep them coming!

We hope to see you in the library soon.

Be well,

Matthew Graff