9.29.22 | Skidompha Staff Love To Collaborate!

Dear Friends,

Jessie, Youth Services Librarian, here again. I’m just dropping by to let you all know that I’ll be out of town for a few weeks. Fear not! Kristi, our wonderful, kind, and enthusiastic Teen Librarian, will hold down the fort. I know the library will run as smoothly as ever, and all our regularly scheduled programming will run like it always does.

Tag, Kristi! You’re it!

Hi, friends,

Kristi here. While I’ve never been particularly good at tag (or sports in general), I do love nerding out over books. I’m looking forward to filling in for Tuesday storytime (at 10:00), restocking the new craft kits Jessie so lovingly prepared, and answering all your questions! Here’s wishing Jessie some restful time off!

I hope to see you soon in the library,

Kristi Favaloro 

Teen Librarian

Skidompha Public Library