“Chickens, Gin, and a Maine Friendship” Available For Sale At Skidompha!

The new book, “Chickens, Gin, and a Maine Friendship: The Correspondence of E. B.

White and Edmund Ware Smith” is now for sale at Skidompha.


White and Smith, popular authors who had homes in Maine, maintained a lively

correspondence that began in 1956 and ended when Smith died in 1967. Smith and his

wife Mary lived in Damariscotta. When she died in 1980, the letters were donated to the

library and tucked away in a bank vault, to be re-discovered by library staff members in

2016. Besides the letters, the book includes an introduction by Martha White, E. B.

White’s granddaughter, and essays written by these two prolific writers.


Sales of the book benefit the library.


The book is for sale for $24.95 and can be shipped for a $5.00 shipping fee.

To buy the book, call us at 563-5513; email

info@skidompha.org; or stop by during curbside pickup hours and ask! Books

may be mailed from the library or picked up at the back door during curbside pickup.


We accept credit cards, cash, and checks, as well as gift certificates from the

Skidompha Secondhand Book Shop.