Director’s Note: Your Living Library

Director’s Note

Here at Skidompha, we think of libraries as living, breathing things. Though it may seem that our collections sits there quietly on their shelves waiting for a patron to pick them up, the truth is much more dynamic. Did you know that there is not just one single universal way to organize library shelves, and that systems of organization change over time?

This will be especially good news for our lovers of Short Stories, who will now find that ALL library short stories are in one place, instead of being dispersed throughout fiction. Why is this important? It reflects the way that our patrons think about choosing the books that they read. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you know you want something short and sweet. Wouldn’t it be nice to browse all of those books in one place? You might find something that surprises you!

For our Science Fiction fans, we have reinvigorated our Sci-Fi & Fantasy area, with brand new titles arriving monthly. What’s April’s title? “Written in Red” by NYT bestseling author Anne Bishop, full of shape-shifters, vampires, and prophets.

And did you know that Skidompha Library has an exstentive Maine Collection? You may not have when it was hidden away in our Genealogy area, but you might just happen upon it now that these books live across from the DVDs in our upstairs stacks. Part of what makes a library a great library is having good books and resources. Another part of what makes a library a great library is to keep those resources easy to access and up to date. We’ll keep thinking of creative ways to do both – a librarian’s job is never done!

Have a beautiful week,

Pam Gormley
Executive Director