Use Our Free Park Passes to Explore This Fall!

Dear Friends,

In early June, I wrote to you about all of the plans I was making to check out new things in Maine over the summer, and I had been especially excited about using some of the museum passes we have to check out places around the state. This weekend I spent time wandering in the woods by my house. The air was crisper, the light changed, and I noticed my mind was wondering—what are the things I meant to do this summer but didn’t? Those museum passes rose to the top of the list. I made it to only one!

When I first moved to Maine, I learned that fall is a pretty fabulous time to be a tourist close to home. Most places are still open, and I often run into neighbors and patrons when I’m out exploring. So I’m setting the goal again to visit some of the cool places nearby, and in case you also need the reminder, I’m sharing the list of passes we have at the library.

Check out the following passes with your Skidompha Library Card: 


Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Admits 1 adult

    Farnsworth Art Museum
Includes: The Olson House and Farnsworth Homestead
Admits 1 (up to 4 passes may be checked out at one time)

Maine State Parks – DAY PASS
Admits occupants of up to a 17 passenger vehicle to
day-use facilities of most Maine State Parks and Historic Sites
(see back of pass for list of parks NOT included)


The following passes do not require a Skidompha Card:

Boothbay Railway Village
Admits 2 adults and all the children accompanying them

Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine
Admits up to 6 people—1 pass per day.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
1 pass per day. Admits up to 2 adults and their children/grandchildren under age 18. Reservations will be made under the name Skidompha Library.

Maine Wildlife Park
This pass is a discount pass, not a free pass – each member of the group age 3 and up using this pass will be charged a $3.50 admission fee – cash or checks only.

Portland Museum of Art
Admits up to 2 adults and 6 children
Skidompha passes check out for a 2 day period. There is a $5/day fine if overdue.
Reservations can be made up to a week ahead.


Don’t have a library card? Sign up here. Annual library cards are free for residents of Newcastle, Nobleboro, and Damariscotta, and residents outside those three towns can get a card for a yearly fee of $40. Please call 563-5513 with any questions.


Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library