We’ve Got a Book For That!

Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I tend to take stock of things when seasons shift. Like many of you, I had imagined fall looking a bit different this year, but even as I grapple with the consistency of change, I remember that, for me, the routine of fall brings with it the subtle pull toward discovery. Though my school days are long behind me, some part of me wants to learn and try something new when fall rolls around.

Do you feel this way too? Let me remind you how easy it is to learn something new from the library if you do. We’ve got books to help you try out yoga, woodworking, quilting, gardening, cooking, needlepoint, decluttering, painting, and writing. Our shelves contain volumes that open up other worlds—both fictional and real. We have audiobooks to help you practice a new language, poetry books and nature writing to offer a chance to slow down and notice the every day in a whole new way. We have books to help make sense of the world, to teach where we’ve come from, and books to help us think about where we’re headed and where we want to go. We have books on aging and health, an entire art alcove, and an incredible genealogy department.

Since I spend so much time in the library, it’s easy to overlook what we have here. So I try to remind myself of everything to discover, free of charge, to help me look at the library with fresh eyes. Whether I’m checking out a book we just put on the shelves or something from deep in the stacks, new to me, I am grateful to live and work in a town that supports the library. In the coming weeks, I’ll be searching for the next thing to learn or to practice, and I’ll keep you posted if I find something good. I hope you, too, will stop in when you feel like trying something new and that you’ll let us know what you discover. We love to hear your stories.

Be well,

Matthew Graff

Executive Director

Skidompha Public Library