Monthly Archives: April 2022

4.21.22 | Spring Bees are Buzzing!

Dear Friends,   You may have guessed how deeply I love spring by how much I have been talking about it recently. On a recent weekend walk, I noticed daffodils blooming bright yellow and pussy willows and trees starting to bud. I immediately thought of the bees here at Skidompha and made a mental note… Read more »

4.14.22 | Skidompha Updates on Meeting Rooms and Masks

Dear Friends,   We’ve been thinking a lot about emerging lately. Emerging feels slow to me, similar to the slow process of spring emerging from winter. Cold gray days of rain and gritty sidewalks interspersed with warm, gentle, glowing sunshine, and birds returning excitedly for seed. Emerging shifts from something settled and familiar, one place… Read more »

4.4.22 | Happy National Poetry Month!

Dear Friends,   It’s National Poetry Month! While I am not a poet, I appreciate how poetry seems to have a magic and a power about it. I’m in awe of the way poets can take the inner workings of the heart and mind, the contemplation of a single leaf or an entire country, and… Read more »