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Food Writing Contest Finalist: Bob Emmons

And beer doesn’t go well with it either   What’s the deal with women and salad? I can understand eating it for health benefits but women seem to actually enjoy it.  They can make a whole meal out of the stuff. The only guy I ever met who truly likes salad believes that three of… Read more »

Food Writing Contest Finalists: Penelope Duran

Please enjoy our latest finalist in the Food Writing Contest — 9th Grader Penelope Duran! Child of the Phở Bowl My entire life, I’ve felt different from everyone else around me as I moved from place to place as a sort of global vagabond.  There are several clichés about food and about home like home is… Read more »

Food Writing Contest Finalist: Jane Butterfield

Submissions are pouring in and we are very pleased to announce the first finalist!! Food Writing Finalist of the Week: Jane Butterfield, “Magic”    What can be more ordinary than bread.  The magic comes when the ordinary is changed into the extraordinary. My recipe for Irish Soda Bread comes from my husband’s mother. She shared it… Read more »

Director’s Note: Community Read Book

Drum roll please……………………………………….. If you haven’t already seen our fabulous full-page announcement in the centerfold of the Farm & Table magazine in your Lincoln County News this week, it is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the 2018 Skidompha Community Read book. At long last I can say that we will read… Read more »

Director’s Note: Something Big is Coming!

Something BIG is coming to Skidompha Library. This summer we are bringing back the Community Read, and it’s more magnificent than ever before. Mark your calendars now, and prepare for 6 weeks of thrills, spills and chills from the end of June to the beginning of August. What’s the book? Can’t tell you. Not yet!… Read more »

Director’s Note: Your Living Library

Director’s Note Here at Skidompha, we think of libraries as living, breathing things. Though it may seem that our collections sits there quietly on their shelves waiting for a patron to pick them up, the truth is much more dynamic. Did you know that there is not just one single universal way to organize library… Read more »

Director’s Note: We <3 Our Volunteers

Director’s Note If you were to ask people why they volunteer at the library, many of them would talk about their love of books, or their special memories of a library from their past. Sometimes people volunteer when they are between jobs and need something to do. Sometimes it’s a teenager who needs volunteer hours… Read more »

Director’s Note: National Library Week

Director’s Note Happy National Library Week everybody! What’s that you say? You’ve never even heard of National Library Week? Well, maybe we’re a little biased being a library and all, but National Library Week is a bit like the Academy Awards and library “Christmas” all rolled into one. In the mid-1950s, research showed that Americans… Read more »

Director’s Note: Olympics at Skidompha

The Winter Olympic Games have begun in South Korea, and I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel more fiercely patriotic than watching our athletes compete for gold and glory. From my armchair I glide along with our speed skaters, thrill at the intensity of focus exhibited by our curlers, and ride the… Read more »

Director’s Note: Votes for Women!

Director’s Note Though we may still have six more weeks of winter – according to some prognosticating ground squirrels – I believe that we should look past this, and focus instead on the bright things ahead in 2018. For Skidompha Library, 2018 represents not only the debut of our first full season of programs for… Read more »