Monthly Archives: February 2022

2.24.22 | Changing our Phone Number

Dear Friends, These last two years have been full of change, and to keep the trend going, the library will be changing its phone number. If we’ve learned anything from all this transition, it’s how to be flexible. We know this process will take time, so we’ll extend it into the summer to allow everyone… Read more »

2.17.22 | Art at Skidompha

  Dear Friends, Before I began working at Skidompha, when I first interviewed and visited the library, I was struck by how sincerely the staff loved working there and how welcoming the physical space was. The gorgeous artwork on display brought a smile to my face, and I knew I was entering a special place…. Read more »

2.3.22 | Celebrate Black History Month With Books!

Dear Friends, I love knowing how much fun Skidompha staff members have creating themed book displays. The pandemic has given us more incentive to create digital book displays to share some of the titles we love in our newsletter and on social media, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We… Read more »