Monthly Archives: April 2023

4.27.23 Spring Bee Update

Hello friends, I thought I’d slow things down a little after our busy April Break schedule, and talk about bees. I was doing some spring chores outside and noticed a bumble bee hanging onto the porch screening. She stayed there until after I finished my chores, looking a little tired and vulnerable. I thought of… Read more »

4.20.23 Our Spring Appeal

Dear Friends, Filling in for Matthew this week, I’m happy to have the chance to chat with Skidompha’s subscribers! Any new job comes with its share of surprise discoveries, and with luck those surprises are of the happy variety. This has definitely been the case as I’ve settled in to working at Skidompha and have… Read more »

4.13.23 Library Boot Camp

Dear Friends, Back home and feeling relaxed and ready for spring! I had a wonderful time down south. I saw many whales and was treated to epic sunsets every night. I am grateful for my time away, the rest, and the opportunity to claim perspective again. Daffodils kindly greeted me on my way to work,… Read more »

04.06.2023 Afternoon in the Library

Dear friends, While Matthew is on vacation – hopefully seeing a great many whales and enjoying the ocean – I am filling in for this week’s “hello” to all of you. In thinking about what, precisely, I wanted to say, it occurred to me that I mostly just wanted to take a moment to appreciate… Read more »