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03.16.23 Carey Art Gallery

Dear Friends, It is important to me that Skidompha be a place that inspires interest, curiosity and wonder. That it be filled with items that engage and prompt people to stop and look, and engage. Our books–Skidompha’s foundation–tick all those boxes, but other modalities exist: beautiful and unique plants, clever book displays, Migaloo and the… Read more »

03.09.23 Time for Spring

Dear Friends, I love days like today—breezy without a cloud in the sky. The sunlight reflecting off the snow brings even more light, both outside and in. It reminds me that both the official arrival of spring, March 20, and Daylight Savings Time, March 12, are near. I can’t say I enjoy losing an hour… Read more »

03.02.23 New Library Programs

Dear Friends, The recent snow brought me the mid-winter blahs. Yes, I know it’s February in Maine, but I could use a shot or two of Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea! I’m back at work, though, and I’m feeling energized by the thrum of creativity in the library. It’s fun to notice the movement of… Read more »

2.23.23 Winter Escapes

Dear Friends, Each month, staff members select books, audiobooks, and movies to add to the collection. I was looking through the spreadsheet that captures staff choices—the list of DVDs we have selected for this month, and I was thinking about how it is often during this mid-winter time that I most enjoy wandering up the… Read more »

2.16.23 Welcome, Meghan

Dear Friends, I am thrilled to introduce you to our newest staff member, Meghan Hawkes. Meghan’s role at the library will see her working in circulation and as the Communications Coordinator. We are so happy she is here! An art school graduate, and book lover, Meghan comes to us from a background of work in… Read more »

2.2.23 | Food Literacy News

Dear Friends, Through these weekly letters, I am afforded the time and opportunity to reflect on our work at Skidompha. It’s important to me to share our news and to let you know that in between ordering for our collection and helping you to check those books and other media in and out of the… Read more »

1.26.23 | Please Join Us for Winter Break!

Dear Friends, We are getting excited about our programming for kids and teens during February break, and I wanted to use my letter this week to tell you about all of the wonderful things we have planned. We hope there will still be snow on the ground and that in between playing, you will find… Read more »

1.19.23 | Community Support Helped Us Get New Floors! Thank you!

Dear Friends, I like thinking about how many utterances it takes to make a phrase commonplace. Who was the first person to utter the dust has settled? That’s the phrase on my mind today as I notice the relative calm of the library. After all the floor work done between late December and early January,… Read more »

1.12.23 | Winter Bees

Dear Friends, I spent some quiet time with the bees this past weekend. Coffee and a big red chair (IYKYK) in the company of our bees bring me pretty close to nirvana. Winter is a time for rest for them. They stay pretty still, conserving energy and making trips outside the hive for “bio-breaks” when… Read more »

1.5.23 | Welcoming The New Year | Renovations Update

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! We are returning from our holiday break rested and excited about so many of the plans, programs, and projects we have in store for 2023. We hope you also have many things to look forward to inside and outside of the library. I’m writing this note from my office today,… Read more »